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  1. Very nice work, if I did still use FB then I'd definetly apply this
  2. All my games are PAL as i like in the UK So I cant do NTSC unless I look for them online I dont think MGS runs very well.... Soul Edge is Soul Blade in the UK. I have ripped it but its plays choppy, BP will hopefully look at PSX optimization after he is done with the N64 stuff. I think I got Wipeout 3 but it would be PAL if I do, Ill dig though and check... Will being in PAL format effect their conversion to 720p? Also wont these suffer from the horrible bordered 50hz effect like in the bad ol days? I had MGS working ok on an v21 of the PS1 emu, I think there is a bug which means you need a memory card save in order to play disc 2 though?
  3. Dude, if you could also include the 3rd wipeout game (wip3out?) with music, soul edge and metal gear solid all NTSC version, thats be kool thanks
  4. Sorry Phil, thanks for the advise but I think I need a pad/convertor solution. Original Xbox and S pads are no good for beat em ups, the dpads are terrible. I think I'll have to use PS2 adapters instead Anyone wanna get rid of some cheap? If you use a pad converter dont get a cheapo model, the delay is amost a second and thats a lot on a beat em up.... PM' you Thanks Ace, PMed you back which is the best convertor to get? they all look the same to me :S
  5. Sorry Phil, thanks for the advise but I think I need a pad/convertor solution. Original Xbox and S pads are no good for beat em ups, the dpads are terrible. I think I'll have to use PS2 adapters instead Anyone wanna get rid of some cheap?
  6. At first I thought the locks were a little silly but now I dont care as I'll always look to have the most complete collection possible. Cant wait for the N64 and PSX videos and roms. Bring it on. On a side note, is everyone using an xarcade stick or something similar? I wish the I could buy some Xbox pad convertors so I could use a better joypad to enjoy coinops with? Old skool games are ok with an arcade stick and the odd button but I cant play SF2 etc using a stick. I suck at them, plus the Xarcade is a little inaccurate to say the least!
  7. Agreed, a new version of XBMC with a complete Coinop incorporated into it would be brilliant. then I'd probably only need my Amiga emulator as well and I'd be laughing. If it could have a really nice funky, clean front end and quick loading etc then go ahead. I still wish you'd abandon the Xbox and move on the PS3 though coinops on that with wireless dualshock in 1080p would be the best so far In act could you port over your modified XBMC onto the PS3 like a customer firmware or sometthing?
  8. That is really poor guys, its meant to be a community here? Where are all the team players?
  9. Tekken3 crashed for me the first time, is this meant to happen and you have to keep pressing start like Coinops Epic?
  10. I wish I had the time and money to mod my twin X-arcade sticks. The stock sticks are very bad in inaccurate. What I'd really like is some Saturn pad controllers but I'm probably better off getting some Dualshock adapters instead.
  11. I know Im being greedy but any idea when we can get the N64 and PSX roms/ISOS/videos pack for Coinops 2 please
  12. Huh? Multiple seeders? Im only getting 1 seeder and 39 of 71 peers. Was getting 1000kbps but now its crept down to around 100k. How many people have completed the download just out of interest?
  13. A massive PSX/N64 video and games update would be amazing thanks
  14. Oh wow, yes please guys, that would be awesome. As complete a pack as possible, especially if they're working 100% ok with save states etc. I dont mind about size because I have fast broadband and large hdds. Please make this happen and avaliable ASAP, all those involved, many thanks
  15. Are you mad? I've got brilliant Snes, nes, MD, amiga pce final burn emus all working very fast and reliably? As long as its jailbroken on FW 3.41 or 3.55 the skys the limit.
  16. This is the next project surely? I think Xbox is pretty much maxed out for emulation. Coinops on the PS3 would be great right now.
  17. Number 2 suits me fine as long a decent torrent is setup. I'll seed for a week once I get it too
  18. Wow, this looks amazing. Will anyone release the whole complete pack? my guess it must be over 40gb? It would also be good for this to be released in 64 and 128 meg flavours as well for those of use without an upgraded ram Xbox. Or will everything work on a standard 700mhz, 64meg ram xbox?
  19. IMHO This is silly, there must be like 3 people in the world with upgraded xboxes
  20. I would say getting CPSX into Coinops should be the next step forward. I know SFIII was added to Coinops via but its not the same is it? Do you have the skillz Britney?
  21. But doesnt CPSIII work on non upgraded Xbox's as well? Final burn runs my CPS3 roms just fine.
  22. I've already got Final Burn, snes, nes and sega roms on my PS3. They work perfect and its nice to use a wireless dualshock with emus rather than the horrible Xbox pad. Ps3 has a Dreamcast emu but very early build, not sure of peformance. People like you are now waiting for perfect Ps1, Ps2, saturn etc The Ps3 has the power to do it but just need the coders to work their magic for the rest of us normal folk. Give it 6 months and the scene will have moved on a hell of a lot. I think anything above 500gb (2.5" sata) has heat issues unless you go with an adapter to force a horrible looking 3.5" hdd onto the back of it.
  23. sorry, what do you mean, has there been an additional PSX Xtras release for Epic or are you just talking normal Epic?
  24. PSX_Metal Gear Solid - Stealth(NO SOUND) works but badly. EPSXbox v21 has this fixed I believe.
  25. By the way, can you do PSX memory card saves for single player? I cant remember if we have this option.
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