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  1. Great list, I think MGS was the only other one I wanted to play. Will we have option to edit configs like PCSXbox because it works fine in that. thanks Britneypairs.
  2. Kool, are you able to advise how many and which N64 and PSX games you chose/optimised please?
  3. so is this roughly 30gb's in total then? Also what psx games have been optimised if any? When I run MGS in Inferno R3 the sound is messed up but I can find anyway to edit the config. Thanks and sorry if this has already been explained.
  4. Damn, come on guys, lets get this release out there!
  5. Now im really intrested in what your doing here..... do tell me more.... FTP access? coinops with built in music, video, pictures.... Sounds SERIOUS ! Bring it on ! i tried the latest XBMC but it had more features than i needed. All i really need is a shortcut to my emus and coinops more specifically. My xbox isnt online so all the weather widgets, news, etc is not going to get used. Unleashx is more gamey looking and suits the FBAlegends and coinops look and feel. Plus getting nice icons to showup was a pain! i'll stick to UnleashX unless Britney can persuade me with some wicked coding. . . .
  6. Cant wait Britney, the XBMC stuff sounds kool. what sort of things can we expect from that? I just use UnleashX personally as I like the simple front end.
  7. Hi Britney I've joined this forum just to say thanks for your work, you've reinvgorated my joy of gaming. 1 question, how will you guys release Coinops Inferno Epic? Torrents? Will this get uploaded to ***? thanks a lot and keep up the amazing work!
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