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  1. Fav cartoons: Family guy, Simpsons, Futurama... Fav anime: wayyyyy too many to name....
  2. I cant wait to see that movie, Although I dont know much about it
  3. Anime, the simpsons, SNL, and Seinfeld....
  4. I already had the msblaster and i got rid of it already. Its something else. I dunno but my comp doesnt shut down all the time, more like once or twice a week...
  5. I'm 16 and I'm a girl and I haven't posted that much since im kinda sorta new and I pretty much always play video games or watch/draw anime...
  6. My computer always decides to randomly shut down for no purpose. and then sometimes my screen will turn purple... but I figured it was no big deal. Could it be a virus or something?
  7. I find starcraft a pretty hard game for me... I think easiest would be... zelda: windwaker...
  8. embarrassing game I've played? uhhh I guess crash bandicoot or pokemon... but i I don't find either very embarrassing...
  9. I know... I was joking... My friend just wanted me to start posting on here... Thats why i signed up.
  10. Umm.... hi! I'm Xeternity... and I was forced to sign up.
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