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  1. Many thanks for that - I'll give them a try.
  2. Was about 67% through the game when my hdd failed!! So I've replaced the drive and setup all my emulators etc... However, I've lost my save point. Does anyone out there just happen to have a save point for this game - doesn't matter what percentage - I just don't want to start from the beginning. I'm using ZsnexBox 3.7 emu (don't think this matters too much) - also could you let me know where to drop the file? Thanks!
  3. Hi all - new to forum Just soft modded my xbox and tried upgrading hdd with a 160Gb Seagate DB35.2. Loaded latest XBMC as dashboard and everything tested fine with the Seagate. Now to add some software - Copied my Big Ass Emulator Disk to E: & FBL to F: When I launched emulators I could see both of the above but they were showing up as 0 bytes and consequently wouldn't launch. After scratching my head for a bit I changed the hdd for an 80Gb Maxtor and everything is running fine. So I presume the Seagate is an incompatible drive (although doesn't show up on list of known drives doc). Is there any way of getting the Seagate working - does anyone have any knowledge of XBpartitioner and whether that would work. Any help would be much appreciated as feel like I just wasted £20 on drive!
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