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  1. Just my 2 cents on this whole merging thing..... I think, in principle, it may be of great benefit to those that want a simple emulation launcher. I guess, the downside I can see that there is a real danger of the "launcher" influencing what an author of an emulator might want to include with their emu...such as screen re-sizing and different filter options..... Like I said, just my 2 cents....for what it's worth..lol. K
  2. Nes...awsome work man....any chance of adding the scanline options? ( not scanline plus something).....with that, and adjusting the screen size, to adjust for overscan, this would be prefect dude! K EDIT: Forgot to add....well, if it's xmas, then why not!...how about a gamma correction setting too?
  3. Probably zero. They may use the same screen resolution but the emulation is different. The easiest thing to do would be to add a new FBA core that supported those games. I actually did just that. If there are any games people are dying to play on the Xbox (Turbo Outrun?, G-Loc?, etc...), I could release a version of Final Burn with support for some of the games from the newer PC version. I made a thread here and at the Xbox forum asking for requests. It would be a minimal port. I am putting my main focus on a new FBA port with a lot more features than Fiinal Burn 1.0 Tried looking for the page to put requests....I must be blind...so, couple of suggestions below: Shinobi Altered Beast Cotton Golden Axe A.B Cop GP Rider Line of Fire Super Monaco GP G-Loc Turbo Outrun Strike Fighter K
  4. mmmm.....Is there more to this than meets the eye?.....in the famous words of Hong Kong Fuey..."Could Be!"... K
  5. I have to say...now having spent some time on this...really is cool. Set at 1080i, point with no filter, looks just like the arcade version (well, actually better!). From reading up, looks like these games are from the sega X and Y arcade boards, running at 320 x 224 res. Is this emu displaying them at 320 x 224? cus looks pretty much 1 on 1 mapping, only in HD, lol. So, if the source is out, what are the chances of somone adding the rest of the games from the X and Y (looks like system 16 & 18 use the same ouptut)? Please forgive my whittering on!...lol. K
  6. BP....had a look at the dat file....shows games like Virtua Fighter etc. Is there anway to find a list of games that work? Cheers K
  7. Hey BP, Is there a list of supported games that I can get my hands on? Cheers man. K
  8. WoW!!!!!! Awesome work! Thank you big time.....Powerdrift!!! yea..... K EDIT: Got it and installed. Final Burn + Powerdrift + 42inch plasma = BIG GRIN!
  9. Ok..done that...must be me cus they don't seem to make any difference....thanks anyways. K
  10. Ok thanks BP.....do I need to edit the ini file to get softendisplay and filter flicker working? K
  11. Well....1st post here guys...so be gentle! Been a very, very long time lurker here....and I have to say....what a fantastic package - it's the ONLY thing I use my Xbox for, so a big THANKS! I have one or two questions that I hope someone might be able to help with regarding the visual options. I know sometime ago, somone asked about a scanline option, so I won't go there!..lol, but... I'm trying to get a balance between a sharp image as possible, whilst trying to stay faithful to how the original game looked. Enhancements aren't to my taste, and effect the frame rate. Antialaising gets the closet to the orginal look, but it's way tp blurry for my taste, so I thought I'd try the soften display and flicker filter, but these don't seem to have any effect...or is it just me? It's like, 50% antalising would be perfect...is that possible? Once again.....awesome work guys! K
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