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  1. Conan, Chapelle, Mitch Hedberg, Nick Swardson, Jim Gaffigan, Lewis Black, Jon Stewart.
  2. Cartoons-Futurama, Family Guy, Gargoyles, Samurai Jack, Dr. Katz, Home Movies, Aquateens, Sealab, Spaceghost,The Critic. Anime-Cowboy Bebop...and Inuyasha I guess.FLCL is pretty cool too.
  3. 1. Indie Rock(The Walkmen, Modest Mouse, Elliot Smith, French Kicks,Clinic...so many others)Amazing Music. 2.Classic Rock(Hendrix, TheWho, Beatles,Cream,Velvet Underground)Classics. 3.Rap....only the, greatest though(Wu-tang clan...36 Chambers and forever).
  4. I am now listening to Satin in a Coffin by Modest Mouse.
  5. Mine is from a Walkmen song. Its a good song by a good band so I picked it. I am boring.
  6. Try NeoArcadiaX. I believe they have it along with an emulator for it.
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