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  1. When you say "You don't even need to plug the audion into the iScan HD+ if you don't want to" isn't it actually impossible as the unit doesn't have analogue audio in?


    The DVDO iScan HD+ has digital inputs - coaxial and optical. The Xbox is capable of outputing both of these formats.


    The combo will cost me about 300US as the shipping is high. I don't need the mini as I'm happy with the emulation on Xbox and Wii.


    It sounds like you're paying too much then. I just looked up the iScan HD+ on eBay and it typically sells for between $100 and $125. I think the SLG3000 is about $60. With shipping you shouldn't be too much above $200.


    Also, the mini has limited inputs.


    How so? It has YUV, RGB, composite, and s-video. The only input missing is VGA and you can get a transcoder for that if needed - though the only thing I can imagine you'd need it for would be Dreamcast.


    and the scanlines is hit and miss.


    Not that I know of? What are you talking about? The Mini has applied scanlines to all the retro machines I've thrown at it.


    The iScan is merely a way for me to get VGA out.


    You could also get a YUV to VGA transcoder. I actually have a good one from Startech that you could use with the SLG3000. See below:




    If you want it, I'd sell it to you for $50. I no longer need it and its just collecting dust. :-)


    As a bonus, it will take my N64 and Saturn over svideo.


    Tsk, tsk. For the Saturn, you should be using SCART cables! For the N64, you can do a RGB (SCART) mod which will improve picture quality immensely. See links below:


    SATURN: http://www.retro-acc...del-Saturn.html


    N64: http://www.gamesx.co...badd/rgbn64.htm


    The N64 is a bit harder and, alternatively, you can also install an amp for better picture quality. Ask around at the System 11 Shmups forum.

  2. How did you get audio from the iScan HD+ if it was plugged into the SLG3000 via VGA?


    You don't even need to plug the audion into the iScan HD+ if you don't want to. I'm not sure what your setup is like, but it should look something like this:


    XBOX > YUV (Component) Output, 480p ---> DVDO iScan HD+ > VGA Output ---> SLG3000 > VGA Output ---> TV

    XBOX > R/L Audio or Optical Audio ---> TV


    Also, did you find that this scaler introduced much lag?


    No, I never noticed lag. It wasn't perfectly sharp picture-wise, but with the SLG3000 it looked quite good. Also, it was very close to a real CRT 'look' so if you want authenticity, this is a great setup. Its also not very expensive compared to other options like the XRGB Mini, which would set you back around $400.


    In case you don't know about, here is Fudoh's site which goes into all of this: http://retrogaming.hazard-city.de/


    Good luck!

  3. I haven't had a chance to try CoinOps 4 yet, but I assume the author will eventually release an unlocked version, as he did with CoinOps 3. Why not wait until then? I can't see the point of the space issue seeing as this is still a 23gb - obviously there is enough space on the HDD for the other roms. If you don't want to see the console roms, why not hide them with the filter feature?

  4. @PhilExile, I'm still troubleshooting the board, I'll let you know how it goes when I get the power supply.


    Just to give you some background on my experience. Usually, my Xbox systems have shut down overnight when I'm upload a lot of files to it. What I think has happned is the FTP locked up and then the Xbox shuts off. Recently, I was using Avalaunch to copy files between two systems. These were both Trusty upgrades - but with one difference. The one has a new cooling solution that keeps the GPU (and motherboard I assume) cooler because it has these fans blowing air in from the right side:




    Fan Upgrade: 133CPU/94GPU under load

    Old Fan Setup: 127 CPU/111GPU under load


    The other didn't have this upgrade (yet) and it was off when I woke up in the morning. The fan upgraded one was still going strong. This has happened with standard Xbox systems as well and I think it may have to do with a GPU cooling tweak I performed. The Xbox systems I've owned have been 1.0, with the loud GPU fan. I preformed this upgrade on each:




    Maybe it has something to do with it? Who knows. If you can figure this out for certain, it'd be good to know.


    Hope this helps!

  5. Getting the games to run in the NeoGeo core would be no problem at all, but it would require major additions or alterations to the UI in order to be usable and I just don't have the know-how to achieve something like that.


    You should talk to Madmab, I'm sure he'd be willing to help you out.

  6. Keeping compatibility with existing working games, yes. But that doesn't extend to removing games that don't work. You need to understand that every xbox-specifc change I make to the FBA drivers, I have to reimplement with every core update. If it's to keep a game working or maintain the performance of a previous build then that's fine, but I don't have the time to keep a list of what's been removed and then re-test those games with every driver update to see if they're now working.


    Thank you for explaining - makes perfect sense.


    What doesn't work in one build might work fine in the next. I'm sure it would be very helpful to have a list of non-working games though; that way people can choose to remove those roms from their set if they wish, but as I've said before, I don't think a program should bottle-feed users things they could (with a bit of effort) do for themselves.



    Ha, yes, I agree - but I also like to help people out if possible. I'll maintain a list here of any games that fail to load or have performance issues, along with notes as to what the error was.



    I'm assuming you're running a RAM expanded Xbox.


    Yes, I have both though - standard Xbox and Trusty upgraded (1.4ghz cpu/128 ram).


    I forgot to re-add the VMM to the Asura games in the last build which means they shouldn't work at all


    Well, it took them a while to load, but they did. The weird thing is this happened before and I deleted some files and reuploaded them and it seemed to fix it. However in retrospect, it was also late in the evening when I did this and its possible I launched an older version of FBL by mistake. I still have 1.5 on the HDD. :)




    (this is fixed in v1.10)





    and the JoJo games are on the CPS3 driver which shouldn't be capable of running anything on a stock Xbox in its current state.


    Right, this was on my Trusty system, I haven't tried to load it on my standard Xbox yet. Do you think it would be possible to optimize the CPS3 core in order to get these games working well on upgraded Xbox systems?




    It's interesting you say that these games were working fine in previous versions, do you mean JoJo as well?


    Sorry, I was only referring to Asura Blade and Asura Buster.




    I've always been curious as to whether any CPS3 games would launch on a 128Mb Xbox.


    Well, they definitely launch on a Trusty - it just takes some time, usually a minute or more. I think I may give Nextel a heads up to test this out on one of his 128 ram upgrade-only Xbox systems to see if its possible with just the extra RAM. As I go through the romset, I'll keep detailed notes on the CPS3 games so you can reference. It will include general performance, FPS, sound, etc.

  7. I could increase the default thumbstick deadzone, although the way it's set now seems to be the best for analog games like Out Run.


    Hi T, thanks for getting back to me. You're right, the new deadzone works better for the games. I thought that there may be a way to have the thumstick deadzone not affect the romlist GUI in any negative way. Is that doable? I mention it because it was very confusing for me and I've been using the Xbox for 10 years now. :-)


    I won't be removing non-working games as I want to keep things in line with FBA as much as possible. Also, it would mean having to re-enable and test these games with every round of driver updates and I just don't have the time for that.


    I thought you were keeping the compatibility with each update? I'm going to be going through each game in 1.9 over the next few weeks, so I'd be glad to maintain a list of what isn't working. I'm sure if you asked, people here would be glad to assist in this regard.


    I'm most concerned about the Asura Blade/Buster games, since those are two of my favorites. I also tried to launch one of the JoJo games last night and it had the same slowdown/sound stutter. I assume these are the same core? Could you please advise on these games? I'd like to get them working since they were fine in previous versions of FBL.


    Again, thank you for your time!




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