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  1. Guess i'll post the first bug, that is if others can verify it: Garou (set 1) won't run, despite being highlighted as completely working in romcenter.


    No memory leak. Ran it at 1080i and switched back to 480p, but still no dice. Haven't tried the other sets yet (the bootleg and prototype), as i'm really only interested in the official, complete game.

  2. So lemme get this straight: BP is working on MAME Xbox, right?


    A few people here have given him some flack (myself included in the past) but its absolutely trivial stuff, and nothing like the drama happening over at the Wii homebrew scene (Brakken trying to commit suicide? Waninkoko opening the floodgates to piracy on the Wii?).


    Just had to get this out since BP's farewell thread was unfortunately locked. Everyone and i do mean everyone here (trolls included) appreciated the amazing effort you put into the emulator and the unprecedented rapid releases of it.

  3. Stay FAR away from Monster brand cables. For some unknown reason (shit quality?) the red color wire burnt out on both my Monster PS2 and Xbox component cables (in different years).


    Ever since i made the switch to the cheapest no-name brand on eBay i haven't had any troubles since, and as far as my eyes can discern, there's absolutely no difference in the quality on-screen (Monster is supposedly the most expensive brand you could buy).

  4. Beat Osman yesterday. The first half of the game is fantastic; perfectly balanced like a console game with great aesthetics. The second half, difficulty rachets with lotsa off-screen cheapness meant to drain quarters. Very wacky story too, but that only adds to its charms.


    I'm hungering for some more Strider action. Guess i'll give that sequel a round.

  5. zrdTwKZCGW.png


    Mystic Ark's translation was released a month ago. It's a fairly sweet RPG from the late SNES era, and an indirect sequel to the infamous 7th Saga. I'm very surprised how much easier this game is compared to its predecessor, which drove me absolutely mad with its excessive grinding. Highly recommended playing for RPG aficionados.


    Thanks to BP i've been able to try out Osman. It certainly lives up to being a Strider 2.

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