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  1. I'll ask my own noob question here:


    Is there any way to configure joy pad 1's buttons on NeoGenesis using joy pad 2's? It would be neat to play something like Ranger-X with another player controlling the cycle, even though its built as a single-player affair.

  2. Perhaps i can be of service.


    I've got a copy of Splinter Cell and an Action Replay memory card loaded with the hacked save file. Just PM me your address and i'll send you the items right away.


    If you would like to be generous i'm in desperate need of a fully-functional S-Type since my old (and only one) broke down a couple months ago. (i've been playing on a PS2-Xbox adapter since then)

  3. Sega Saturn emulation would require hardware on the level of an Xbox 360 for proper emulation. The sole reason it's such a bitch to emulate is cause of its dual-processor, and there are like only two game consoles in existence that ever went down this road (PS3 being the other).

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