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  1. Agree with the usb drive capitalisation, but not internal copying. Never happened to me before !
    You're probably right about the internal copying, so i'll just assume Californiadad's roms were in caps to begin with when he copied them.


    nes6502 you were right about Garou. Didn't think it would take 5 - 10 minutes to load that rom. That's unbelievable. Any chance you'll integrate an option to switch between AES and MVS?


    Is anybody else getting a green screen just before the system logo appears when a NeoGeo rom loads? Doesn't affect anything, but could it be a problem with my NeoGeo bios?

  2. I copied a few roms over from FBA-XXX into the roms folder, and did the rebuild game list inside the emu and still does not see games?
    Rom files need to be in lowercase letters, which means you'll need to ftp them. Copying them from usb drive or within the system itself results in capitalization.
  3. Is anyone planning on uploading via torrent or a file sharing site mega/rapid the complete set of *oms?

    If not how do I go about adding them 1st what arcade set or if more then 1, what sets should I be using.After I get ahold of that what the hell do I do?

    1. Find rom, then put that into a folder on your PC.

    2. Grab romcenter utility for PC, then in the app open the .dat file from the FBA Legend folder.

    3. Add a rom path linking to your rom folder, then scan it to see if your rom file is compatible or needs a fixin.

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