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  1. BP's cult members are a plague on this scene, along with their spiteful leader. For the record, the xbox community is very much still alive. They've just moved on to a different board.


    Not sure what sort of mess Coin-Ops is like today, but it was good for MAME emulation at least. All the other stuff BP crammed into it isn't really worthwhile as long as there are other emulators on the xbox that do the job better (way better).

  2. I can do without the Genesis and SNES emulation, but the CPS Changer sounds mighty interesting.


    Would it be possible to implement functional save states into NeoGeo emulation here? Don't think i could ever hope to reach or beat SNK bosses like Geese at the end of Art of Fighting 2 without it.

  3. It's a fact it doesn't work on Zsnexbox, but I'm getting a black screen when i boot it up on Snes9xbox (audio is fine). Game is perfectly normal when i try it on the PC rendition of Snes9x, so I'm not sure what the problem is.

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