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  1. You´re Right!!! Strider 2 Runs fullspeed!! yeah! Thanks man!! - I tested here: Crisis Beat (PAL) (beat n up) - Runs great. Lucifers Ring (beat n up) - Great yeah! I love beat n ups !
  2. Hi guys, Please make a list with the best PSX games that run FULLSPEED on the Xbox... Only games with no bugs, slowndown, frameskip.. and errors... Beat N UP, Fighting, Action and plataform styles... Thanks! :(
  3. I wanna play Nightslashers!! Fuuuuu, a link please :) Thanks BP, Iq... and fumanchu (for the links)
  4. Fu, When you release the new version will offered a package with New supported ROMS? Link to me,
  5. I love the Coinops and Fbaxxx . And a love the BP and Kenshiro! I love my xbox too! :D
  6. yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Fu, a copy please too (when released) ! LOL! :D
  7. thanks BP!!! Fu, a copy please! :D
  8. PM for meeeee Mortal Kombat rules
  9. With FBA XXX 1.29 + FULLSET, can I delete the fullset (without fear) of FBA XXX 1.28? or is there something better in 1.28 than 1.29?
  10. Woaaah!! THANKS BritneysPAIRS!! Great work on XboX ! When Ready, PM with links to rompack for me
  11. thnks for the info, fumanchu! Updated Thanks for the good work BP!!!!
  12. what are the new ROMS supported?
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