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  1. I played in the psp and is very similar to the Bleach games
  2. The first time i thinks the same,that the oficial firmware try to install,but no,is just the look of the menu,now i have 5.00m33 and a 'new' look in the dashboard.
  3. OMG!...everytime i play classic megaman this image will be in my head
  4. I have a Hori Stick EX2 and is very good both for 360 and PC.
  5. Wow,very cool,thanks for the advice
  6. Caveman Ninja,Street Figther 2,Columms,TMNT,Battletoad and Tetris(any version )
  7. Kimiga no Zomu Eien is a very good love story,i recommend very much
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