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  1. Did the show fps option disappear? Moar debug optionz plz.
  2. I've got a colecovision driver floating around if you're interested. You'll have to figure out the driver list though. I never really got a decent way to load teh romz.
  3. SF the movie - Fairly likely. I've got a partial itech32 driver already. Kaiser knuckle - Fairly likely. I've got a partial driver for this too. Astra superstars - Extremely unlikely. STV hardware's requirements are way too high for the xbox to handle. Crystal of kings - Fairly unlikely. Porting the crystal system games would take a lot of time. Looks awesome though.
  4. I don't know. I haven't managed to improve the speed of the cps3 driver much at all. It really needs a faster SH2 core (main cpu emulator), but porting one is a very time-intensive task and that's something I generally don't have a lot of. Doesn't run in MAME at all. Even when it will, it is difficult to say when/if it will be ported to FBA, as it will require porting MAME's SH4/Sh3 core (SH4 is the Dreamcast CPU!) and a new sound core. On top of that, it is unlikely that the games would even run well on the xbox due to the fact that their main cpu is ~200 mhz. I did write a driver for that a while back. I'll have to dig it out (I'll trade you for the PCB ).
  5. I see. It's easy to forget that since you both speak it so well. FBL already has a Favourites menu. You just add whichever games you want to your Favourites list and when you choose this option from the main menu, those are the only games you will see. Check it out if you haven't already. Hey, could you possibly add a "free memory" display like FBA-xxx has? It would make my life a little easier.
  6. Here's a little wip update: All sets now work -- They all run 45 to 55 fps The vmm has been greatly updated -- faster -- able to handle different read types At this point I have not started optimizing the speed at all. I have no idea if I can get them full speed or not.
  7. Interesting that you mention that...
  8. If I get called IQ_32 again I quit. Only 50% joking.
  9. Ask +T+, I'm just here for moral support. lol. Anywho... Here's a video of Knights of Valour 2. The only thing I need to work on at this point is to get the one working bootleg going.
  10. The background tiles are now running off the vmm too. They are only updated when they're used. It makes the whole thing very fast and increases the amount of free ram substantially.
  11. Managed to fix the lockup issue for Martial Masters. Also fixed some sprite bugs and I have since fixed the problem with Martial Master's power bar.
  12. If someone were to donate one, I'd consider it.
  13. Here's some wip. This still needs some work -- it crashes (sprite routines??)
  14. sweet! we all love good news and the offer still stands iq. hell ill still send you an xbox with all the stuff you been doing lately you deserve one and youll end up breaking the one you got if you kep it up! lol. We'll see when we get to that point. I went through and did a near "refurbish" on it. Blew it out with an air compressor, replaced a few fans, and the blown psu.
  15. Must be some serious wizardry going on there. Is the source available? Wouldn't mind taking a peek at the code. Now that I think about it, wasn't the original FBA PGM code written by Oopsware for the PSP? Then that was tweaked and optimised by iq for PC FBA. custom 68k core [mips] (fast for psp), underclocking, the fact that it doesn't need a proper vmm (flash memory is extremely fast! unlike hdd). etc.
  16. Agreed! Btw. I managed to repair my xbox.
  17. I appreciate the offers guys. I'm going to try and repair it (using an old broken one I've got laying around). If that doesn't work, I may take you guys up on it.
  18. For anyone that's wondering, bullets and repetitious enemies don't slow things down much. Large sprites do a bit though. As I said to +T+, most games run full speed 99% of the time (usually about 2 seconds at most are Killing Blade has some areas that are not full speed, but is still very playable. The latest code fixes most of the bugs (most slowdowns, coin insertion issues in killing blade/oriental legends, and knights of valour super heroes locking up [at least in fba-xxx]) I just sent +T+ my latest code, I'm fairly certain my xbox died today (turned itself off, won't power back on), so I'm probably done developing for xbox.
  19. I've updated the sources quite a bit since that video. There were some missing sprites. That's resolved now, but at a cost of a few fps in heavy scenes. I've also reduced ram usage, added line scrolling for the background, and flipping for character tiles. I haven't touched the sprite routines.
  20. Extremely unlikely to ever see this in a playable state on fbal. The more I improve it on coinops the more it runs like crap. The tradeoffs are graphics or frame rate. You get one or the other. For fba, I would have to port the cpu core, graphics routines, and a lot of intermediate junk. You're not looking at a few hour process. Even after that, there's no guarantee that it would run at a decent frame rate at all.
  21. My mistake (if I am mistaken), I'm just assuming that he'd sorted PP for fba core by now. Course, now I'm even more confused, as that removes the one benefit I thought there was to running FBA core stuff in Cops.
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