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  1. Thanks for all the effort guys. This new public beta is incredibly good, and the 720p skin is fantastic!
  2. I'd really love to test this out as well - can't wait to see the 720P support!
  3. wow, this looks like it took a long time to put together! Thanks!
  4. I still can't go past Super Mario Kart and Super Mario World on ZSnexBox. Both are still some of the greatest 16-bit games ever made for me I also love reliving the days of the arcade with some Moon Patrol, Double Dragon, TMNT, and the Simpsons Arcade game on CoinOPS Gold. And Street Fighter 2 Turbo on FBA-XXX, what a great game that still is
  5. That's a WHOLE lotta characters. It's amazing what dedicated fans can put together
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