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  1. By the way, I'll add this to my post - In order to save onto a .sav file when using this method, you need to change the Save Type to Flash 128k. Then you're ready to go. PM me if you need screenshots or tutorial for this, a couple of my friends had some hard times with it..
  2. Oh really? What's VBA-M? (I might sound like a n00b haha, I apparently just aint up-to-date with this stuff...... I just like to pwn ppl ) Ahh just checked it out... but where's the download? Its only release is the source code so far..
  3. Actually just the 60 and 80 GBs can.... And although you can add HDDs, in my opinion it would be best to buy the 80 anyway because it's only a few bucks more and comes with some other stuff. But now they're taking 60 GBs off the market...
  4. Wow I was so stupid, I never paid attention to the fact that saving on Pokemon Silver worked and NOT FireRed!!!!! Here's the easiest, quickest and by far best method of saving a game (no side effects like a save patch!!): 1. Open Notepad. 2. Click Save As (yes, as just a BLANK slate!), choose the File Type as "All Files," and type the name of your game file* with a ".sav" extension on the end. 3. Open the VBA, click Options > Emulator > Directories... 4. Choose the Save Path to the folder you put the .sav file in. 5. You're good to go battle the Elite Four/any other games' boss(es) and carry on with your game *The game name will be such as this: I have a "Pokemon FireRed.gba" file. Therefore, I will name this new Notepad file, "Pokemon FireRed.sav" and put it in the directory that the VBA saves to. This means that if my VBA saves to 'My Documents > Pokemon ROMs > Pokemon FireRed', I will put the file "Pokemon FireRed.sav" that I just created, in the Pokemon FireRed folder. THIS IS SO SIMPLE!!! I can't believe I didn't figure this out before, I was frantic for the last week or so trying to find out how to get past the Elite Four on my game lol. And Haldrie, please ignore my PM... >_<. !!SPECIAL NOTES!!: - As long as you have Notepad or Wordpad, you can do this no problem. Heck, even Command Prompt might work (if you know how to work it). - This works for ANY GBA game I've tried so far, which includes Spider-man, Pokemon FireRed, Pokemon LeafGreen, etc. - I am using VBA v 1.8. - My save settings are Automatic/Flash 128k; This works every time without fail now, but if yours doesn't work try switching around the settings until it does. - The .ini file thing didn't work for me, as it might not have for many others. This method is quicker, easier by far (no code to type or copy/paste), and just requires a few letters of typing to name it after your .gba file. Notepad makes everything so simple! -- If it wasn't for Haldrie gettin me into closely examining files, I never would have thought of this. Mad props to him and his 11-page-long topic. Thanks dude! EDIT NOTE: For some, I have had reports of problems of this resetting. I advise you don't open that save file once created... Or edit another .sav file to rename it. EDIT AGAIN: Sorry for the multiple edits... I made a mistake earlier saying it was a .sgm file needed, when it's a .sav file instead. Post fixed.
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