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  1. OK Guys here is the fix for the newest FBA-xxx open the fbax.ini and edit the lines and making that look like this // Sound options bAppBassFilter 1 nInterpolation 3 nFMInterpolation 3 bBackgroundMusicAllowed 0 bMultiSoundtrack 0 it works fine !
  2. for fix the blackscreens on Neo Geo Games do this : simply lauch fbaxxx for the 1st time. then back to your dashboard and edit your fbaxxx.ini find the line "bDisableLocked=1" and replace with bDisableLocked=0 save, and lauch fabxxx. new roms will appear.
  3. The Romset uses no p roms in Fbax to play.I make 1 file of the 2 p files from Jimmies Perfect romset and insert a little bit from the mame p files to run the driver,because the Kawaks romset will not running with the p files at the moment.I have had rename the file to pmame.bin,this file have after decompile at least 7 MB.
  4. WHo did this compile? I want to know what was changed from what i was doing. need to learn. Thats so easy to ask you,me do this compile! Thats no big think. Anyone who can work with an Assembler and Hexeditor can compile it. Fbax are not the problem,the romset was it,now it works. Next Project, I will compile Kof2003 for Kawak-X Special for you Guys !!
  5. Yes,all the new games are playable with this hack.
  6. And now,i have hacked Fbax for Xbox to play Kof2003. There are some Steps to do. 1.download the Hacked Fbax default.xbe . and replace it on your Xbox Folder.( I have upload the file to mediabox Site) 2. Download the pmame.bin from the url inside the Readme and insert it into the Kof2003.zip,by repacking the zip rename it to Kof2003f.zip. 3. Look carefully to have the right s1.rom inside. 4. have Fun Kind Regards Dark
  7. Ok,here is another link for the Kof2003 Rom and Emu. Rom+Emu download have Fun !!
  8. Thanks Mr.X, it works. My topic just reminded you of the old days ? *rofl* me too have a nice day,cheers
  9. Hello anybody, can you tell me how to enable the Red Blood option in Mslug5 in Kawaks or Fbax on Xbox Emulation? Can enable Blood via Soft dip switches,but it is white,need red. Thanks
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