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  1. I went to Urban Games and saw Break Dancing, aswell as other stuff.
  2. I have realised I am talking to myself (as usual) but it's just so fun: http://www.geocities.com/phildocherty/chatbox.html the link will work...or else
  3. So person 2, but with a better shadow, or no shadow ?
  4. I must say, I do like your chatboc thingy you have, I had alot of fun in there today... I even went to all the trouble to putting up a page showing the fun I had (seeing as I have now mastered the art, *feels proud*) but when you click the link to see them pic, it makes it fit to the page size so you can't read the text...but anyway, I like it all the same
  5. Hmm, well at least some people have seen them...only problem, is that I asked people on 3 different forums, woops... Yeah, avatarv2 is ok, but some people (half including myself) say the shadow diesn't fit with it very well... I'll but up a black page with links to them, I know that works for a fact... And ya, one merit point, Graal it is, where/when did you play ? *edit* Take a look here, should work: http://www.geocities.com/phildocherty/avatars.html
  6. Ah, ok ty... Seems to be working now....
  7. My PC is stuck on some stupic internet loop, that's why I posted about 3 or 4 times in the vote bit because everytime I come on here it's not showing the last posts Could it be my internet settings ? Stupid rafan snafun *mumble* *mumble*
  8. Ahh stupid things! Try again now, they work for me... If no i'll put them on a site, or something.. Also instead of clicking the link try typing it into the bar...
  9. Arg! It was working earlier
  10. O.K, this is getting serious.. http://www.geocities.com/phildocherty/avatar1.gif http://www.geocities.com/phildocherty/avatarv2.gif http://www.geocities.com/phildocherty/newavatar.gif Tell me what you think is the best. avatar1.gif ? avatarv2.gif ? newavatar.gif ? Combo ? Combo is taking things you like from each, and combinig them together...you have to tell me which from each *edit* Ahhh! Stupid things Try now ? I hope it works...if not then..uhm I'll put them on a page...also try typing it into your bar instrad of clicking link....
  11. Aha, thanks you guys Although since this post a friend of mine said he would help me out, and seeing as I havn't been here long I'd feel awkward asking Game Cop to help (but help I mean do LOL). Well nice to have backup 'ay ?
  12. *Sits down* While i'm here could anyone help me with phpBB ? I'm trying to get a forum up, but...well, suck
  13. One of which would be me... If the quote didnt work....meh, I tried... I'm here from 'romuniverse' and basicly thought I'd see what's going on over here....
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