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  1. OK if you want to waste a good thrty bucks on a chip and flash it go right ahead but seriously. People overlook the simple feature of flashing the onboard TSOP. its free and has the same benefits of a modchip except the glowing led on the front. plus if you have an original xbox 1.0/1.1 you have a 1 meg bios. You can add a simple 2.50 switch from radioshack and have a xbox that is xbox live compatable. i've done about 30 of these type of xboxes and no problems.. these points are easy to solder and may i stress. FREE!!!
  2. Hey guys whats up.. been a way for a while come back and a new kick ass emulator is out so i tried it out got everything updated surely but slowly. only thing is that my rotdn and cthd2k3 freeze up the emulator. i mean i click and it freezes don't even get to see what its trying to load and what not its fba-xxx 10-5 Special Edition by PRican just thought i'd get some feedback on what eveyone thought i'm going to go to a meeting and be back in a few hours
  3. normally what i do is mount them with dameon tools (search for it on google) and then extract them again with cdrwin.. (it will make the bin and cue file for you) or stick the origianal game in the cdrom drive and extract it with cdrwin.. the trial version of cdrwin is only limited to 1x so it will take a while so buy it so it goes faster... or search for other means
  4. you need.bin and.cue... what i would do is mount it with dameon tools and use cdrwin to extract it as a.bin and.cue only takes about 3 minutes or so and the bios setting pop up when you run the game. its either original bios or something like hlce or hle or something to that extent. you need to put a original playstation bios in the bios folder.. your best bet is spch1001 or at least thats the one i use
  5. i could be wrong but my guess is your using kawa hex which only plays abou t 8 games.. samsho5 the new mslugs and a few others. to play kof98 and the like you have to use the origianl kawa x v 11 or you coul dust use FBAlphaX
  6. So it was originally an open source project.. are you going to post the source?? just out of curiosity. all this C++ code i suddenly want to bust out the old MS Visual C++
  7. Hey i checked the homepage and XS forum and no luck. Just a compatability listing. I have the emulator and the default.xbe.. just wondering what to do with it. could some one point me in the correct direciton with a link or something
  8. GOOD JOB!!! Just 2 things.. is the file up for post and all you have to do to make a skin is change the image files righttt...... hosotly i'm not that big an idiot. i'm actually a pretty smart guy.. i can mod an xbox
  9. well from what i see the whole emulation scene is a little... upset kinda.. i don't know. but retroroms banned a guy about new games, and the whole FBAx discussion. I was just wondering if i owned kof 95 96 97 and then the ones for ps2.. you know the 2000 2001. can i legaly have the roms? i mean its the same games just diffrent system? i know no one is coming to my house to arrest me for my little collection. i was just kinda wondering?
  10. If you have a version 1.0 or a 1.1 you can use multiple TSOPs the old microsoft bioses are 1 meg. the new ones are smaller about 256.... i think... with anymod chip you can't use xbox live. microsoft has some new stuff that deletes anything one the c drive it doesn't like when you connect... the only way to do it is to have a second harddrive just for xbox live.. we where tyring to do it with this one xbox and gave up.. or maybe i'm just a moron also from what i can gahter froma copule of buddies is that the new x2 bios the 4980 won't even allow you to connect to xbox live. if you want xbox live you goign to need another xbox. thats what i've always done.. other than that TSOP flashing is easy fun and pain free... i emphasise free
  11. found the other topic but anyone have a link as to what the diffrent.rom or what ever files are... or how to decrypt your own roms.. all i can get is the decrypted c's from kawa
  12. come on modchips are a waste of time for everyone... just use a TSOP flash its cheap and all you have to do is soder 2 points together.. easier than any modchip out there i've done this mod about 24 times and recommend it over any modchip and the best bios is the newest executor2 bios. they've finally finished develping it so it is... well perfect kinda depends on what you call perfect but its the newest one and i use it over everything else.. the best site out there is www.xbox-scene.com they explain everything and have tsop tutorials (only thing is you need some acces to an already modded exbox to get a save off the internet) and they even have a diagram that tells you the diffrenece of all the bios
  13. Hi every one. I'm new to the forum but i doubt anyone cares you just want to read the post so here it is. Whith Mslug4 people are talking about diffrent.bin sizes. THere is the m1 that is suppose to be 64k while someone said they havea working 256 k and the c5 and c6 roms have diffrent sizes from 4megs to 8megs and so on and so forth. my question is what are the diffrences in the sizes. If somone could post a link as to what the diffrent bins actually do and why there are diffrent sizes that it would be much appreciated. I Really Like The Smiley Faces.... sorry
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