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  1. ok so now, I have afew games that have a yellow light next to them and they don't work.
  2. I have the japanese version for ZincGui1.9.0 that's for Zine 0.9 beta but when I dl the american version and put it in the rom folder it dosen't show up when I rescan the roms. And whenever I play Rival schools or Streetfighter EX2 plus it freezes right when the fighting starts and it's slow to begin with. I don't think it's my computer cuz my computer can handle other high graphics games no problem.
  3. awww man.. ok sry bout that? what do I do if I wanna PM someone asking for it but I don't know who has it?
  4. Is there anyone that can hook me up w/ any of these isos?
  5. cominus, try www.neogamez.net,It's there too. lol I hear you, those are a pain in the ass to do on the keyboard, I guess I just got used to it after awhile.
  6. you can get kof2003 and mame32plus together at neoarcadiaX, but you gotta be a member to dl the roms first.
  7. Well some of the sequals haven't been too great compared to the games before it. For example Metal Slug 5, it's kinda short and we can all probably agree that mslug3 was way better. And Im not sure if everyone will agree with me but I thought Samurai Showdown IV was better than the new 5th one that came out.
  8. everytime I go to the server, hardly anyone is on.
  9. I use a kawaks hack but it's good. yea im in
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