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  1. I have a 1tb Sata (obviously) with an adapter. The adapters are pretty cheap and simply plug in. No need to modify anything so I wouldn't limit yourself based on that. But to answer your question I think that a 500gb would be more than enough unless you plan on putting a bunch of xbox games or movies on there as well. I am pretty sure 2tb is the limit at this point because it gives you the max split partition size of ~1 tb under the max cluster of 128k
  2. I recently threw in a 1 TB into my xbox. Have like 300 xbox games alone. Not really into the movie thing though. The box has become my gaming powerhouse (eventhough I have the 360 and ps3) especially for lightgun games (thank you BP). Anyways I picked mine up for $100 (plus the adapter). It was one of the eco-friendly western digital yada yada. Run it with an ind bios and voila
  3. there was only ever 2 games that could be added to mame on xbox that took advantage of the extra ram and one of them was the original streetfighter believe it or not but that has been fixed now thanks to iq 132. with a 733mhz processer there isnt much games that can take advantage of it,especially when it comes to 3d games. That is what I figured but I thought I would ask. Anyways having all these guns games is more than I could ever ask for. Takers me back to the good old days of arcade shooters. Going to have to build up that shooting arm though Too bad I wont be able to enjoy them until summer (school ,school ,school)
  4. Stupid double post Cba try setting up your system on a non LCD tv and see if you have the same problems. Most games work great on a normal tv as long as you don't sit too close for calibration.
  5. It is awesome to hear that the lightgun games are being looked at more closely. I love playing them. I also have the topgun for the lcd and struggled to get it to calibrate on my lcd with certain games. It is like the gun only recognizes a diamond shape on the screen. Granted I don't have the ignite beta but I added some of the shootong games that are officially in the build now Anyways thanks for all the great work BP and looking inot my request. Would love to see some games added that take use of the 128mb of ram.
  6. Hey BP. Would love to see some more gun games. Recently got a new gun and have been experimenting with some of these games with Coinops and Mameox 128. I know you added a handful but remember you talking about a few more that could run in Coinops. Also noticed that Coinops crashes when the gun is plugged in at the splash screen. I have to plug it in after I boot the emu. Not a big problem but I thought you might want to know. Thanks
  7. THanks for all the great work Kenshiro and all your amusing comments. FBA is one of my favorite emus and I have long waited to see some more games added. You da man!!
  8. yeah thats cool,whats the latest you have done kenshiro? That would be very cool.
  9. Have a great vacation. I nthe meantime we will be enjoying all your great work.
  10. Great work BP. I am assuming I have an incorrect build because I have main event but everything seems to be working allright. I even added some of the gun games you mentioned on other threads and they have been awesome with my new gun. Noticed some of the games with off screen reload are really touchy when trying to reload the gun. Is there a way to fix this? I also did the ram upgrade about a week ago. Helps with all the n64 games but would be really interested in testing some games you think might work on CoinOps (the correct build) with the extra ram. If that is something you are interested in let me know.
  11. Looking forward to this release!! I would help but I can't seem to pm either even though I have made a handful of posts. If I get it figured out I will shoot a pm. Nevermind I guess this one post opened up my pm.
  12. You could also make an eeprom reader. I made one and it cost me like $5.00. This allows you to read your xbox's eeprom so you don't have to do the hotswap which in eliminates the risk of frying your hard drive or computer. They are easy to make and worth it if you have an expensive computer. I use mine for every xbox I softmod.
  13. Looking forward to the new update. One thing I have noticed is that Warrior blade is really stretched out. I am running my xbox on 16x9 with my tv and most games look fine except Warrior Blade. It appears to be squished and stretched a lot. I also tried it on another xbox with normal 4:3 and the game still looks stretched/squished just not as bad. Is anyone else having this problem and is there a way to fix it? Thanks
  14. Amazing job BP and everyone else that helped!!! Looking forward to the HD release.
  15. First search result in Google was as far as you needed to go Sourceforge Thanks for the help. I guess a better question would have been how to make this file work. I saw it didn't have a .xbe file like the others so I was a bit stumped. I will work on it some more just wanted to make sure I had the right files in the first place. (I know I am a noob but I always research everything before posting. This one just had me a bit confused
  16. I can't wait for the Mortal Kombat games!! Does anyone know where to pick up Mame 0.72. Can't seem to find it anywhere. Thanks BP: What about Hydra? I don't know if it is working for others but I can't get the pedal to work.
  17. Amazing job Britneyspairs! Would love to try the HD version that had some pics floating around on. Quick question on HYDRA. I just can't get past the "push pedal to start". What is the pedal button. Would love to see an HD/16x9 version looking forward to the classic MK games coming soon!
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