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  1. Someone please tell me the name of RPG games for N64. If you know some please list below. Thanks.
  2. Don't need to delete Chankast because it stands as a best DC emulator. for block you can create new or free block by deleting old VMU.
  3. what about jobo's direct input. you can turn on or off your controller pack.
  4. OK enough; thanks. I am new user of the cps3 emulator that’s why I’m asking so many questions. But I done everything that the other users told me to do. I can’t fix my problem. Whatever, this time I think I got every information from everyone to fix my problem. I will try again and again, let see what happened or what was wrong. Thanks everybody.
  5. So which kind of ROMs do I need in order to play in cps3 emulator? Street fighter 3rd strikes support by mame, so is it works in cps3 emulator? I am sure no files are missing in my ROMs folder. Shall I try mame ROMs? Somebody please explain more for the CPS3 emulator V1.0a configuration. It should be very helpful. Exactly what I need to do to edit the emulator configuration setting txt file. thanks.
  6. I have created the new rom directory and edit the file called emulator configuration settings. And put my rom directory name I:\str under the [RomDirs]. but when I am trying to load rom its says there are missing files. need more help please. thanks.
  7. Hi I downloaded the CPS3 emulator V1.0a. But I can’t find any options, how to load game on it. Or if I have the ROM where can I put them. In the main directory there I can see only two folders NVDATA and plugins. I have the rom called street fighter iii new generation, so how can I load it on CPS3 Emulator v1.0a Someone please help Thanks.
  8. and you also need BIOS to play SNK games. If you have have the BIOS put it on to your any roms folder.
  9. Not actually against . You can play friendly games as well
  10. hello my top snes gamer are super Mario all star street fighter 2turbo and alpha 2 Jurassic park super Mario world international super star soccer deluxe F-zero (race) top gear 1 and 2 super Mario kart the lost Vikings 1 and 2 (1 is the best) super R type UN squadron what about yours
  11. I agree its really nice game. and I finished it with no cheats and it takes three weeks. I encountered with a problem during game play, is that the screen flickering . its start when I entered the toad town. anyway nice game. before play make sure that you turn on all the memorypack on to your controller 1 2 3 and 4. it will help you to load and save game, the game will not even ask you ( insert the controller pack) for it before play. Mod edit: Refrain from double posting unless absolutely necessary. Edit your old post if you have something to add.
  12. Hi which one is the known as best DS emulator ever release. And it able to run Mario kart ds, super Mario bross ds or other top ds games. any help pls tnx
  13. Hi I am trying to load and save game in fusion the sega genesis emulator but no options there. Is it possible to save and load game by using Kega(fusion)? Or which genesis emulator can save games (with-out load or save state) and how, step by step please. thanks
  14. use chankast. and quick look at 1emulation forums, youtube or other web stuff, if you don't know how to use/configure it. Because this emulator currently rank 1 for sonic adventure 2 lets enjoy again don't give up.
  15. what's the hell wrong with you-- please dont waste time if you think you're not capable for this area thank you
  16. your question not clear every dc emulator came with VMS and got option to save any game---- lets enjoy
  17. Watch this video -removed- its about neo-geo rom why not loadig
  18. Hi I recently downloaded the sonic adventure (one DC). problem is Self-boot. I want to know ! 1) how to make non self-boot. 2) how to burn to non self boot if any ISO came with self-boot type file. 3) Inside the folder there I found several files (14mb each). so what to do with them. 4) and a file name as (Sonic.Adventure.self boot.7z) when I/you unzipped it a large file came-out which is 794 mb CDI type file and you mount it by using daemon tool. so what can I do to burn it. also it doesn't show the file if you don't have appropriate software ( use 7-zip free ware) 5) if i burn this CDI file ,so what about others. 6) my final question is again how to burn a self boot file to non self boot CD which can play in any DC emulator. I know there some suggestion before I also a saw post name as-- THE END ALL BE ALL DC BURNING GUIDE * I can't agree with him. because no one can't say that a post can solve any problem in past present and future. Mod edit: -not going to happen- thank you for reading
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