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  1. The character select and infinite time codes work, but not the health bar or power bar codes, in Kawaks. (I dont have Nebula so I havent tried it in Nebula)
  2. My favorite is Guy, but I also use Ryu, Ken, Akuma, Sakura, Chun Li, and Charlie (I mostly play Alpha and the VS series). I love playing as Guy against fireballers because I can just do qcf - fierce, flip over it, and make them kiss the ground.
  3. Since I don't want to flood any other topics, I thought I would start a topic on Kawaks cheats for King of Fighters 2003. Does ANYONE have WORKING cheats for King of Fighters 2003 on WinKawaks 1.48/dev? The only cheats I have that actually work are the ones for Infinite Time and Secret Characters. I was hoping I could get working cheats for Infinite Health, and possibly Infinite Power Meters. The reason I ask is because whenever I play KOF2003, no matter what emulator I use, if I save during a fight, and try to reload the state, the health stays where it was before I loaded (i.e., if I save at the start of the fight, and lose, and reload state, my health will start at zero, and one hit will kill me, and my opponents will be at whatever health they had when they beat me). I never had this problem with any other fighting game. So if anyone has working Infinite Health cheats, they'd be really appreciated. (Although it would be much better if someone knew how to resolve the save and reload state problem. Would the P rom need to be hacked by any chance?)
  4. James, I copied the cheats you posted into a new file called kof2003b.dat (I renamed the one I had before) but I still have the same problem. The Infinite Time codes and the character select codes work fine, but I still can't get any of the life bar or power bar codes to work. The reason I asked for the codes is because when I load a saved state in the middle of a fight, the life meters remain the way they were before I saved, even if my health is down to zero and I save right at the beginning of the fight (as the teammates jump offstage). Perhaps there is some kind of problem with the P rom, even if it does work on Kawaks (I had the same problem when I used MAME). Does anyone else have any ideas? EDIT: Would editing the file called cheat.dat that's in the folder change anything? This is the cheat.dat I have. Notice that the start of each line is kof2003 rather than kof2003b. Could this also be the problem? ; [ The King of Fighters 2003 ] ; by IQ_132 and some other people ; my MAME cheating notions are near zero =P ; re-edited by poirot ; tatsumaki_kyaku@yahoo.com :kof2003:0:107D62:0F:000:Infinite Time :kof2003:62000000:000000:00000000:FFFFFFFF: P1 Char 1 :kof2003:00010000:107D0D:00000021:FFFFFFFF:Kusanagi :kof2003:00010000:107D0D:00000020:FFFFFFFF:Chizuru :kof2003:00010000:107D0D:00000024:FFFFFFFF:Maki :kof2003:00010000:107D0D:00000022:FFFFFFFF:Adel :kof2003:00010000:107D0D:00000023:FFFFFFFF:Mukai :kof2003:62000000:000000:00000000:FFFFFFFF: P1 Char 2 :kof2003:00010000:107D0C:00000021:FFFFFFFF:Kusanagi :kof2003:00010000:107D0C:00000020:FFFFFFFF:Chizuru :kof2003:00010000:107D0C:00000024:FFFFFFFF:Maki :kof2003:00010000:107D0C:00000022:FFFFFFFF:Adel :kof2003:00010000:107D0C:00000023:FFFFFFFF:Mukai :kof2003:62000000:000000:00000000:FFFFFFFF: P1 Char 3 :kof2003:00010000:107D0E:00000021:FFFFFFFF:Kusanagi :kof2003:00010000:107D0E:00000020:FFFFFFFF:Chizuru :kof2003:00010000:107D0E:00000024:FFFFFFFF:Maki :kof2003:00010000:107D0E:00000022:FFFFFFFF:Adel :kof2003:00010000:107D0E:00000023:FFFFFFFF:Mukai :kof2003:62000000:000000:00000000:FFFFFFFF: P2 Char 1 :kof2003:00010000:107D0F:00000021:FFFFFFFF:Kusanagi :kof2003:00010000:107D0F:00000020:FFFFFFFF:Chizuru :kof2003:00010000:107D0F:00000024:FFFFFFFF:Maki :kof2003:00010000:107D0F:00000022:FFFFFFFF:Adel :kof2003:00010000:107D0F:00000023:FFFFFFFF:Mukai :kof2003:62000000:000000:00000000:FFFFFFFF: P2 Char 2 :kof2003:00010000:107D10:00000021:FFFFFFFF:Kusanagi :kof2003:00010000:107D10:00000020:FFFFFFFF:Chizuru :kof2003:00010000:107D10:00000024:FFFFFFFF:Maki :kof2003:00010000:107D10:00000022:FFFFFFFF:Adel :kof2003:00010000:107D10:00000023:FFFFFFFF:Mukai :kof2003:62000000:000000:00000000:FFFFFFFF: P2 Char 3 :kof2003:00010000:107D11:00000021:FFFFFFFF:Kusanagi :kof2003:00010000:107D11:00000020:FFFFFFFF:Chizuru :kof2003:00010000:107D11:00000024:FFFFFFFF:Maki :kof2003:00010000:107D11:00000022:FFFFFFFF:Adel :kof2003:00010000:107D11:00000023:FFFFFFFF:Mukai :kof2003:00000000:2FE91D:00000070:FFFFFFFF:Inf Energy P1 Char 1 :kof2003:00000000:2FEA1D:00000070:FFFFFFFF:Inf Energy P1 Char 2 :kof2003:00000000:2FEB1D:00000070:FFFFFFFF:Inf Energy P1 Char 3 :kof2003:00000000:2FE804:00000005:000000FF:Inf Power Stocks P1 :kof2003:00000000:2FE800:00000048:000000FF:Inf Power Bar P1 :kof2003:00100000:2FE806:00000000:FFFFFFFF:Always Change OK P1 :kof2003:00000000:2FE921:00000000:000000FF:Easy Dizzy P1 Char 1 :kof2003:00000000:2FEA21:00000000:000000FF:Easy Dizzy P1 Char 2 :kof2003:00000000:2FEB21:00000000:000000FF:Easy Dizzy P1 Char 3 :kof2003:00000000:2FED1D:00000070:FFFFFFFF:Inf Energy P2 Char 1 :kof2003:00000000:2FEE1D:00000070:FFFFFFFF:Inf Energy P2 Char 2 :kof2003:00000000:2FEF1D:00000070:FFFFFFFF:Inf Energy P2 Char 3 :kof2003:00000000:2FEC04:00000005:000000FF:Inf Power Stocks P2 :kof2003:00000000:2FEC00:00000048:000000FF:Inf Power Bar P2 :kof2003:00100000:2FEC06:00000000:FFFFFFFF:Always Change OK P2 :kof2003:00000000:2FED21:00000000:000000FF:Easy Dizzy P2 Char 1 :kof2003:00000000:2FEE21:00000000:000000FF:Easy Dizzy P2 Char 2 :kof2003:00000000:2FEF21:00000000:000000FF:Easy Dizzy P2 Char 3
  5. I have the cheat.dat and the kof2003b.dat by poirot (at the top of kof2003b.dat, it reads "KOF2003 Cheats for Kawaks v. 001 needs a LOT of updates" I tried copying the codes from the cheat.dat into the kof2003b.dat, but I don't think its working. The character select codes work, but I can't get the Inf Energy and Power Stock and Power Bar codes to work. It looks like this: ; KOF2003 Cheats for Kawaks v.001 ; needs a LOT of updates ; by poirot ; tatsumaki_kyaku@yahoo.com [0] Name=Infinite Time 0=Off,0,0 1=Selection,107d63,0F 2=Battle,107d63,60 [1] Name=P1 Char 1 0=Off,0,0 1=Ash,107d0d,00 2=Duolon,107d0d,01 3=Shen Woo,107d0d,02 4=Terry,107d0d,03 5=Joe,107d0d,04 6=Griffon,107d0d,05 7=Ryo,107d0d,06 8=Robert,107d0d,07 9=Yuri,107d0d,08 10=Kim,107d0d,09 11=Chang,107d0d,0A 12=Jhun,107d0d,0B 13=Leona,107d0d,0C 14=Ralf,107d0d,0D 15=Clark,107d0d,0E 16=Gato,107d0d,0F 17=Billy,107d0d,10 18=Yamazaki,107d0d,11 19=King,107d0d,12 20=Mai,107d0d,13 21=Mary,107d0d,14 22=Benimaru,107d0d,15 23=Shingo,107d0d,16 24=Daimon,107d0d,17 25=Athena,107d0d,18 26=Hinako,107d0d,19 27=Malin,107d0d,1A 28=K',107d0d,1B 29=Maxima,107d0d,1C 30=Whip,107d0d,1D 31=Kyo,107d0d,1E 32=Iori,107d0d,1F 33=Chizuru,107d0d,20 34=Kusanagi,107d0d,21 35=Adel,107d0d,22 36=Mukai,107d0d,23 37=Maki,107d0d,24 [2] Name=P1 Char 2 0=Off,0,0 1=Ash,107d0c,00 2=Duolon,107d0c,01 3=Shen Woo,107d0c,02 4=Terry,107d0c,03 5=Joe,107d0c,04 6=Griffon,107d0c,05 7=Ryo,107d0c,06 8=Robert,107d0c,07 9=Yuri,107d0c,08 10=Kim,107d0c,09 11=Chang,107d0c,0A 12=Jhun,107d0c,0B 13=Leona,107d0c,0C 14=Ralf,107d0c,0D 15=Clark,107d0c,0E 16=Gato,107d0c,0F 17=Billy,107d0c,10 18=Yamazaki,107d0c,11 19=King,107d0c,12 20=Mai,107d0c,13 21=Mary,107d0c,14 22=Benimaru,107d0c,15 23=Shingo,107d0c,16 24=Daimon,107d0c,17 25=Athena,107d0c,18 26=Hinako,107d0c,19 27=Malin,107d0c,1A 28=K',107d0c,1B 29=Maxima,107d0c,1C 30=Whip,107d0c,1D 31=Kyo,107d0c,1E 32=Iori,107d0c,1F 33=Chizuru,107d0c,20 34=Kusanagi,107d0c,21 35=Adel,107d0c,22 36=Mukai,107d0c,23 37=Maki,107d0c,24 [3] Name=P1 Char 3 0=Off,0,0 1=Ash,107d0f,00 2=Duolon,107d0f,01 3=Shen Woo,107d0f,02 4=Terry,107d0f,03 5=Joe,107d0f,04 6=Griffon,107d0f,05 7=Ryo,107d0f,06 8=Robert,107d0f,07 9=Yuri,107d0f,08 10=Kim,107d0f,09 11=Chang,107d0f,0A 12=Jhun,107d0f,0B 13=Leona,107d0f,0C 14=Ralf,107d0f,0D 15=Clark,107d0f,0E 16=Gato,107d0f,0F 17=Billy,107d0f,10 18=Yamazaki,107d0f,11 19=King,107d0f,12 20=Mai,107d0f,13 21=Mary,107d0f,14 22=Benimaru,107d0f,15 23=Shingo,107d0f,16 24=Daimon,107d0f,17 25=Athena,107d0f,18 26=Hinako,107d0f,19 27=Malin,107d0f,1A 28=K',107d0f,1B 29=Maxima,107d0f,1C 30=Whip,107d0f,1D 31=Kyo,107d0f,1E 32=Iori,107d0f,1F 33=Chizuru,107d0f,20 34=Kusanagi,107d0f,21 35=Adel,107d0f,22 36=Mukai,107d0f,23 37=Maki,107d0f,24 [4] Name=P2 Char 1 0=Off,0,0 1=Ash,107d0e,00 2=Duolon,107d0e,01 3=Shen Woo,107d0e,02 4=Terry,107d0e,03 5=Joe,107d0e,04 6=Griffon,107d0e,05 7=Ryo,107d0e,06 8=Robert,107d0e,07 9=Yuri,107d0e,08 10=Kim,107d0e,09 11=Chang,107d0e,0A 12=Jhun,107d0e,0B 13=Leona,107d0e,0C 14=Ralf,107d0e,0D 15=Clark,107d0e,0E 16=Gato,107d0e,0F 17=Billy,107d0e,10 18=Yamazaki,107d0e,11 19=King,107d0e,12 20=Mai,107d0e,13 21=Mary,107d0e,14 22=Benimaru,107d0e,15 23=Shingo,107d0e,16 24=Daimon,107d0e,17 25=Athena,107d0e,18 26=Hinako,107d0e,19 27=Malin,107d0e,1A 28=K',107d0e,1B 29=Maxima,107d0e,1C 30=Whip,107d0e,1D 31=Kyo,107d0e,1E 32=Iori,107d0e,1F 33=Chizuru,107d0e,20 34=Kusanagi,107d0e,21 35=Adel,107d0e,22 36=Mukai,107d0e,23 37=Maki,107d0e,24 [5] Name=P2 Char 2 0=Off,0,0 1=Ash,107d11,00 2=Duolon,107d11,01 3=Shen Woo,107d11,02 4=Terry,107d11,03 5=Joe,107d11,04 6=Griffon,107d11,05 7=Ryo,107d11,06 8=Robert,107d11,07 9=Yuri,107d11,08 10=Kim,107d11,09 11=Chang,107d11,0A 12=Jhun,107d11,0B 13=Leona,107d11,0C 14=Ralf,107d11,0D 15=Clark,107d11,0E 16=Gato,107d11,0F 17=Billy,107d11,10 18=Yamazaki,107d11,11 19=King,107d11,12 20=Mai,107d11,13 21=Mary,107d11,14 22=Benimaru,107d11,15 23=Shingo,107d11,16 24=Daimon,107d11,17 25=Athena,107d11,18 26=Hinako,107d11,19 27=Malin,107d11,1A 28=K',107d11,1B 29=Maxima,107d11,1C 30=Whip,107d11,1D 31=Kyo,107d11,1E 32=Iori,107d11,1F 33=Chizuru,107d11,20 34=Kusanagi,107d11,21 35=Adel,107d11,22 36=Mukai,107d11,23 37=Maki,107d11,24 [6] Name=P2 Char 3 0=Off,0,0 1=Ash,107d10,00 2=Duolon,107d10,01 3=Shen Woo,107d10,02 4=Terry,107d10,03 5=Joe,107d10,04 6=Griffon,107d10,05 7=Ryo,107d10,06 8=Robert,107d10,07 9=Yuri,107d10,08 10=Kim,107d10,09 11=Chang,107d10,0A 12=Jhun,107d10,0B 13=Leona,107d10,0C 14=Ralf,107d10,0D 15=Clark,107d10,0E 16=Gato,107d10,0F 17=Billy,107d10,10 18=Yamazaki,107d10,11 19=King,107d10,12 20=Mai,107d10,13 21=Mary,107d10,14 22=Benimaru,107d10,15 23=Shingo,107d10,16 24=Daimon,107d10,17 25=Athena,107d10,18 26=Hinako,107d10,19 27=Malin,107d10,1A 28=K',107d10,1B 29=Maxima,107d10,1C 30=Whip,107d10,1D 31=Kyo,107d10,1E 32=Iori,107d10,1F 33=Chizuru,107d10,20 34=Kusanagi,107d10,21 35=Adel,107d10,22 36=Mukai,107d10,23 37=Maki,107d10,24 [7] Name=Inf Energy P1 Char 1 0=Off,0,0 1=On,2fe91d,70 [8] Name=Inf Energy P1 Char 2 0=Off,0,0 1=On,2fea1d,70 [9] Name=Inf Energy P1 Char 3 0=Off,0,0 1=On,2feb1d,70 [10] Name=Inf Power Stocks P1 0=Off,0,0 1=On,2fe804,05 [11] Name=Inf Power Bar P1 0=Off,0,0 1=On,2fe800,48 [12] Name=Always Change OK P1 0=Off,0,0 1=On,2fe806,00
  6. why dont you just use the cheats and have infinate health. I just said that there is no Infinite Health cheat. Do you have an Infinite Health cheat? If so, can you e-mail it to me or tell me where you got it?
  7. I've had this problem playing KOF2003 on both Mame and Kawaks Dev. If I'm playing and I'm trying to see if there's a special ending for beating the game without any continues, I usually save state at the beginning of the round, and if I lose, I reload state and try again. However, in KOF2003, if I reload state, the characters' health bars are the same as when I lose. So if I lose the match and reload, my characters start off with their health down to 0, and one hit will DOWN them (and my opponents will have whatever health left before the match ended). So, basically, for some weird reason, health bars are not saved in the save state file in KOF2003. Does anyone else have this problem? Is there a way to fix this? Do I wait for a patched P rom or something? I have the cheat dat, but there is no Infinite Life cheat, which is probably what I would need. Any ideas?
  8. Kawaks user here trying to get used to MAME32 Plus so I can play KOF2003. So I have a few questions: 1. Whenever I load a saved state in the middle of a fight, the health bar stays the way it was right before I saved. So if I save at the start of the fight, and I lose, if I try to load state back to where I was, the state will load as if the fight started with zero health left. Sometimes it gets to a point where everyone's health is at zero to start, and the match comes down to a series of one hit defeats and matches end within four or five seconds! Is there a way to fix this? 2. I pressed TAB and I figured out how to change my controls, and I set my P1 Custom Buttons, but when I go into the Custom Button menu, all I see is a list that goes P1 Custom 1 P1 Custom 2 ... (and so on, down to...) P2 Custom 3 P2 Custom 4 I keep pressing buttons but I can't figure out how to set what the Custom buttons are. I've got a controller that is designed to be like a PlayStation controller, so I'd like to be able to set my custom buttons so I can switch characters on the fly (i.e. set BC to R1 and CD to R2) like in Kawaks. Any help would be appreciated. P.S. Hack the P Rom!
  9. And now, a musical interlude. "Hack The P Rom" (Sung to the tune of The Clash "Rock The Casbah") Now the vets told the newbies “You’re gonna have to download MAME” After they opened up their DAT file And changed all the roms’ names What they had tried just would not work It was exactly what they feared Even though they did everything they could To make Ash Crimson appear The Kawaks he don’t like it Hackin’ the P rom! Hack the P rom! Kawaks don’t like it Hackin’ the P rom! Hack the P rom! By order of the dumpers We ban the rom’s release Congratulate the hoarders For their worthlessness has ceased But the bootleg still came out And the dumpers were struck dumb And all of Kyo’s fans Started workin’ their thumbs But when those that used Kawaks Tried to run that game “Abort, Retry, Fail” The Kawaks he don’t like it Hackin’ the P rom! Hack the P rom! Kawaks don’t like it Hackin’ the P rom! Hack the P rom! Now over at the message board Oh! They really type those posts The in crowd gives information With helpful links to Torrent hosts But its all useless to us Who just don’t have the formula The unlucky who use NeoRAGE And, of course, Nebula The Kawaks he don’t like it Hackin’ the P rom! Hack the P rom! Kawaks don’t like it Hackin’ the P rom! Hack the P rom! We want our King of Fighters I said we really want to play While its still on Neo Geo And not Atomiswave After a six-hour download Mai’s boobs still not in sight All of us still hunger For a 3 on 3 fight After a six-hour download On 56k The newbies wailed The Kawaks he don’t like it Hackin’ the P rom! Hack the P rom! Kawaks don’t like it Hackin’ the P rom! Hack the P rom! The Kawaks he don’t like it (The CRCs are not kosher!) Hackin’ the P rom! Hack the P rom! Kawaks don’t like it (I want WinZIP, not WinRAR!) Hackin’ the P rom! Hack the P rom! Kawaks don’t like it (It just isn’t fair!) Hackin’ the P rom! Hack the P rom!
  10. I have ZiNC, but I was wondering - are you able to get the sound to work? Because I certainly can't. I play Rival Schools, as well as Strider 2 on ZiNC using ZincGUI. I also have Zinc Front-End 1.94 by Aldo Vargas.
  11. Okay, I got the rom to load (turns out there was an extra space in my DAT file so Kawaks thought the game was called " ssv" instead of just "ssv." I think I still need the c2 rom because the colors on the backgrounds and on certain characters are messed up (like Haohmaru and Ukyo). So if anyone knows where I can get the c2 rom please let me know. Its probably mentioned on an earlier page, so if theres a link on an earlier page, just let me know what page(s) its own. Thanks a lot. *Edit* Nevermind, I got the c2 rom and the game works great! I'm going to see if those updated p1s improve anything. Can't wait until kof2003 is available!
  12. Problem! I downloaded Samurai Shodown 5 and when I tried to extract the files to rename them, 270-c2.bin wouldn't extract! I got an error message in WinZip that said: "Error in file #1: bad Zip file offset (Error local header signature not found): disk #1 offset: 0" If it is possible for someone to e-mail me 270-c2.bin or ssv_c2.rom it would be greatly appreciated. I am on dial-up and I can't download the whole zip file again! *Edit* - Also, it appears that my ssv_p1.rom doesn't work either. I have the WinKawaks Hack 1.46 loader, and asr.dat. The CRC on my p1 rom was 611A6687, so I changed the info in the dat file accordingly (the dat file had the 8A86C728 file originally) but when I loaded Kawaks, it said "Can't find ssv_p1.rom (611a6687), ERROR" even though I changed the dat. Is there something that I am missing? If there is a way to get that C2 rom file out of the zip file please let me know, but receiving the file e-mailed to me might be much faster! I have started downloading the entire zip file all over again, but if anyone could help me out before then, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.
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