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  1. Well, I'll say this. Personally, I consider myself a monogamist, and not of the serial variety. As an artist, I view women as the source of beauty in life, and there is no shortage of beautiful women in this world.


    What, then, does a man do in a world filled with beauty? I ask myself the following:


    Does this particular woman stir an urge inside you where you have to take the chance to know, for yourself, what if ... for if not taking that chance you would be left with regret, or, could you live with letting the opportunity pass you by?


    To date, I have met 3 women who stirred me that way; 1) The first I met a while ago in Community College and turned out to be lesbian, which is a shame since she was everything I wanted in a "type;" 2) My current girlfriend — who is also my type — likely the one for me based on recent events over the last 1½ year; 3) and lastly, someone very special to me in all the right and wrong ways, who left an ache in my heart that will stay with me, probably, for the rest of my life.


    Despite the last person, however, I took the chance to see "what if" and although it pained me to go through what happened following that (and it still hurts) ... I don't regret my actions. Not knowing can drive you mad.


    Anyway, from what it sounds like, you've been interested in her for a while, and it might not just be a passing interest, or it might. It's up to you to know if she is worth it. Take it from me, I am an introvert and approaching women isn't something I can do casually so I understand the hesitation. If you do think she's worth it, good luck my man! :-) Who knows what could happen~

  2. Well, you're right about one thing; desensitization to porn is a fact, coupled with aging and possibly even sedentary lifestyles where you're just not active, men's testosterone levels decrease and it just gets more difficult to get excited about a naked woman. Don't get me wrong, a lovely lady in her birthday suit is always a welcome sight, but to actually feel a thrill from it gets rarer the more porn you watch and the more time goes by — myself included.


    I mean back when I was an Art student there were a few hot girls that modeled for the class and you can feel your heart race a little faster, but now I think it would be more of a "oh that's nice" type of reaction.


    As for how often, I have a few sites I check regularly but not more than 10-20 minutes at a time, or I just leave it minimized to come back to later.

  3. Feminist women are confused. They want equality in treatment and rights, but men and women aren't equal in a physiological or psychological sense. We address issues about rights and equality because of morality, not natural law. If that were true we'd expect more women to enlist in the military and armed forces since they make up a larger percentage of the population. But morally, we segregate "women and children" from men in lieu of danger, don't we?


    So how can we treat them equally when in every aspect of life when we aren't, either?


    Anyway, I believe I know why they played up women's roles in the 300 flicks. Simply put, it's to play down a homo-erotic bromance overtone by not putting too much emphasis on just the male aspect of war, considering most of them are half-naked with spray-on abs. It's either that or because comicbook writers and artists have an obsession with glorifying women, and Frank Miller is well-known in that industry.


    Was the action good at least?

  4. I do run my own modded Minecraft server and UT2k4 server here(35/5 connection, quad core 16GB RAM, dedicated Debian server)...link is in my sig, minecraft address works for UT2k4 server too on default port(s).


    It's one thing if they did things this way and it was multiplayer only, but single player requiring an internet connection is 100% DRM, and they are liars for saying otherwise.

    Nice, I always wanted to try Minecraft but it seems ... difficult. Like complicated difficult lol.


    I don't think there's any getting past your stance on internet rights from the way you put that, though. All I can say do is urge you to try it, at least, and anyone else interested. Free trials are always available!

  5. Would it help to say you don't have to deal with the general public when playing D3? Unless you choose to, of course. Otherwise, I literally play by myself even though I log in battle.net, and aside from the few family/friends I have, it's pretty much solo. I don't even talk to other people who are online or have to hear what they say in the chat window. Basically, I don't interact with another human being at all unless I choose to.


    But you're right, trolls and douchebags abound online, which is why I always enjoyed the private game server community. I just wish 1Emu could find a place to play something together on a regular basis, if not Diablo.

  6. I'm a 2nd Generation Korean-American so I am Bilingual, though not fluently, to my parents dismay. I'm pretty good at English though which is kind of a downer since I feel if I had properly learned Korean when I was young, I'd be good at speaking/writing it as well. Rosetta Stone is cool. Have you heard of Duolingo for smartphones? It's pretty much the same thing as Rosetta Stone on mobile devices and you can even speak through your mic to say words and phrases, just on a smaller scale with fewer languages. I believe French is one of them though.


    Speaking of, I took French in High School because 80% of the school chose Spanish and those two were the only languages offered. My professor was a Tunisian-born immigrant, Mr. Lengliz, and he was probably the nicest, most gentlemanly teacher I knew at the time. Anyway, maybe it's being American but I feel like French people hate us lol.

  7. Episode One Cont'd


    1. Hunter M — the avid outdoorsman will prove invaluable in the way of resources for nutrition
    2. Farmer F — sustainable sustenance will allow for a projected rate of survival, easing the burden of scavenging
    3. Nurse F — no doomsday event is not without injury -- survival in numbers requires health and livelihood
    4. Auto-Mechanic M — mobility is equivalent to avoiding death
    5. Military Strategist M— conflict is inevitable in a world without civilization and to be smarter = living to fight another day
    6. Detective M — the presence of authority and justice will offer a sense of protection and safety, despite the hazards
    7. Chemist F — firearms and hand-to-hand weapons are not the only means of combat
    8. Welder M — durability in gear is not infinite; from weapons to reinforcing barricades, metal is the material of choice
    9. Self-Defense Instructor F — training is important to deal with the harsh realities of survival in a world where it's kill or be killed, or eaten ...
    10. Mortician M — in a time where death is around every corner, grieving properly and dealing with death is a responsibility we need not shoulder ourselves (obviously taking a liberty here)


    My strategy for survival in a zombie ridden Los Angeles is simple; Mobility. There is no place anybody can bunker down for too long, and a group must be ready to relocate on a moment's notice. That said, however, a group should strive to locate and occupy ideal locations for intermittent survival. My first location is thus; the group will make their way toward Griffith Park Observatory located on Mt. Hollywood. It is an elevated, fortified structure with enough room for quarters, ground for farming, surrounding foliage for hunting, and trails to get in and out should the situation arise, while keep us at a distance from the ground-level mayhem. The included amenities of gift shops and communications equipment will offer much in the way of supplies and ways to plan future objectives.


    Cell Members & Duties:

    • Cell 1 (Transport):
      • Auto-Mechanic + Welder
        • Supply runs will obviously be a factor, and the Auto Mechanic will be in charge of vehicle maintenance, along with the Welder to assist in parts management and repairs.

    • Cell 2 (Provisions):
      • Hunter + Farmer
        • The Hunter will make daily trips in the local wooded areas with the Farmer (or whoever available at the time excluding the nurse) for game such as squirrel, bird, snake, rabbit, and deer should we be so lucky, while maintaining alertness for intruders and the infected.
        • The Farmer will use the garden adjacent to the entrance of the Observatory as land for growing crops; mainly carrots, lettuce, radishes, tomatoes, beans, and corn (ideally along with a few chickens that are fed corn).

    • Cell 3 (Defense & Fortification):
      • Military Strategist + Chemist
      • Welder (Adjunct)
        • The Military Strategist, along with the Chemist and Welder, will inspect all grounds of the Observatory and make appropriate defenses and fortification along with chemical means at the ready such as smoke bombs, pepper spray, and a deadly gas concoction of bleach and formaldehyde (the Mortician will provide) which is lethal.

    • Cell 4 (Patrol & Training):
      • Detective + Self-Defense Instructor
      • Hunter (Adjunct)
        • The Detective and Self-Defense Instructor, on top of regular patrol duties along the Observatory rooftop, will operate in weekly firearms and weaponry training for all members of the group, four times a week, while providing munitions inventory and armory stockpiling.
        • The Hunter will assist in training and marksmanship, in addition to knowledge in skinning and trapping game.

    • Cell 5 (First-Aid & Disposal)
      • Nurse + Mortician
      • Chemist (Adjunct)
        • The Nurse will remain on-site at all times so as not to risk herself to exposure, and be ready to treat any members in the course of their duties, with a list of supplies on-hand and those needed to provide services during supply runs.
        • The Mortician will provide emotional support in times of death related grief, while primarily disposing of the dead and assisting the Chemist and Nurse in their duties either in mixing chemicals and treating the wounded.

    Addendum ... to be cont'd. In the meantime:


  8. Game: Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls

    System: PC

    Emulators: N/A





    Well I pre-purchased the Digital Deluxe Edition for this expansion and have since completed Act V and killed Malthael with my Monk (check out my battle.net profile).

    I do like the changes they made to Patch 2.0.x. They changed or removed a lot of the affixes champs and elites come with to make them more approachable but not necessarily easier. I mean, who really likes puddles of poison that lasts minutes at a time literally covering every inch of the entire room you're in, while trying to fight a mob on the highest difficulty? They got smarter about it. Also, loot 2.0 is better with useful drops now and then, and with the addition of the Mystic enchants, you can potentially turn any item into a great one if you're lucky.

    Adventure mode seems to be where its at, however, and since they removed the Real-Money and Gold auction houses, a source of income isn't simply from countless mind-numbing farm runs anymore but the game is actually tailored toward achieving rewards for "farm-like" runs involving simple quests where you can earn a decent amount of gold and loot. When you complete these "Bounties" in each act, and obtain enough "Rift Keystones," you can open a portal to the "Nephalim Rift" which are randomized leveled dungeons with each level a different location that can run up to ten levels deep. After killing a certain percentage of monsters, a boss appears who will drop loot once killed.

    The problem I and many people had with Diablo 2 and early versions of Diablo 3 was that if you didn't have friends who were already geared to the teeth, or endless free time to farm for 18 hours straight in the hopes of getting a good drop, then you were stuck at the bottom of the barrel trying to survive the higher difficulties, which sucked.

    Adventure Mode really tries to address the hack-n-slash robotic gameplay that D2 was and D3 was turning out to be. Instead of constantly remaking games in certain acts and running around waypoints to find certain dungeons to farm, beat enough champions and elites to earn five stacks of Nephalim Valor, then try and kill a Boss over and over, Blizzard have given us game-oriented content including NPC's and quest lines with actual in-game rewards covering all five acts. This is the best decision they made so far, aside from removing the auction houses, IMHO. Also, you can travel between different acts like using waypoints in a single act during Adventure Mode instead of having to exit the game and remake the settings, which makes Diablo 3 feel like more of an open world environment.

    I think Blizzard has gotten smart about making changes to the interactive gameplay coupled with the reward system through Adventure Mode for contemporary gamers that don't want to play like zombies, grinding day in and out just for the possibility of some imaginary reward ... or hoping to achieve a level of "faceroll" to do Infernal Machine runs on Inferno 10 (difficulty level has changed also) through gear that costs billions, literally, billions of gold to obtain.

    I am also glad we don't have to play through the Campaign four times just to meet "end-game" content (thank god for that).

    Crusader class is by far the most rewarding part about the expansion. I'm almost level 40 with mine right now but so far it has been a fun experience. Though I don't understand why they chose not to just keep it a "Paladin" when they are essentially the same class ... albeit the lore is different. I mean, the Barbarian of D3 is nothing like the Barbarian of D2, and they kept him a "Barbarian."


    If anybody plays, let me know. Add me as a friend on battle.net, my tag is: veristic#1399. We can make a clan! Anybody interested??? :-)

    Oh and a heads up; DO NOT kill Malthael until you're 70. First time he is defeated you are gauranteed one or two legendaries (I beat him at 69 :/).

    Controls: 9

    Gameplay: 9

    Graphics: 10

    Sound: 8


    Overall Score: 9


    Grade: A


    Overall, I give this game a thumbs up!

  9. Interesting mention about the Senzu beans Jitway. That's why I said his dependency on Yellow Solar energy is his flaw; remove that and he is not "super."


    Here's how Goku would win:

    Dragon Ball wiki states: Instant Transmission (瞬間移動, Shunkan Idō; lit. "Instantaneous Movement", also translated as "Teleportation") is a technique for traveling long distances instantly. This action is usually accompanied by the user placing his index and middle fingers on his forehead to help him concentrate, though if extra time is taken the technique can be performed without this aid.


    That said, Goku would simply need to find the ki signature of someone living on a planet in the solar system of a Red Sun, use this technique on himself and Superman to relocate there (which can transport himself and others even light years away), and Superman's true "power" or lack-there-of will be revealed. For all his speed and ability, Superman cannot travel light years even at his best speed.


    Considering how popular this topic has been online, I'm surprised more people haven't done fan-made depictions more seriously. The best to date I believe is the ScrewAttack Death Battle they staged with actual 3D models of both of them fighting it out and background info on stats etc., but again ... they too were unreliably biased with Superman.


    Here's to our youth!



  10. Lol case-in-point, it's been that long. That's too bad ... I guess the golden age of professional wrestling were bygone days at this point. I also feel like the new breed of wrestlers just doesn't stack up to the superstars of before. Now they're like ... I can't even describe them. They're like reality show personalities with no interesting concept to their persona. :/

  11. I haven't paid attention to professional wrestling in years. I used to be a big fan when Cable TV was the shit back in the day ... then it started seeming more scripted and less entertaining. Didn't realize McMahon was trying to start his own tv network. And to think ... Oprah beat him to it lol.


    I'll never forget the Hulk Hogan v. Ultimate Warrior/Andre The GIant/Macho Man Randy Savage, Shawn Michaels v. Coldstone Steve Austin, Mick Foley v, The Undertaker, etc.

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