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  1. Is there a technical error y the LDM's r so hard to execute? I read some posts saying they changed this or that n the LDM executions became easier. Is this true???


    I'm also having trouble with this S1 fix. I extracted the kof2003.zip contents, patched the S1 rom, rezipped it as kof2003.zip, refreshed n mame wouldn't recognize it anymore. Am I doing something wrong?

  2. okay guys, I have never used MAME32+ before so plz help me out.


    I d/l ed the kof2k3.rar from devil666's links...


    I have also d/l ed the MAME32+ but don't think it's the latest version.


    It has no roms or any other folders, it only has the actual program, txt file and co


    How do I get the emulator to find the 2k3? and what folder do I put the rom in?


    oh yeah, Do I have to unzip??


    plz help..

    I don't know where to get the a working mame version for KoF2K3 cuz mine came with both. Maybe u should make a rom folder n set the Mame u have to read the folder u made. Also, u don't unzip the actual rom itself. Just place it in the proper directory n that's all.

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