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  1. Now before you roll your eyes at me, hear me out. :lookaround:


    I know I have seen this debate many times in message boards all over the internet, but I have never once participated in one of these topics for the simple reason that people who do respond to them are often ... belligerent and biased to exaggerated lengths. In saying so, there's no point in debating with people who simply want to put in their two cents and walk away as if they've already won the "argument."


    Anyway, this thread is for fun and while some of you may think it a waste of time, please remember ... It's just for conversation. I would rather discuss it among a group of people in a place I enjoy then leave it as open forum with no meaningful insight from those that participate.


    Okay, on to the characters:




    We all know these two graphic novel giants -- they need no introduction.


    Moving on, the main issue I feel most people overlook in debates over these two characters is consistency.


    What I mean is, Superman has had various "incarnations" of his character throughout his career as a Comic-book hero -- whether its from depictions of him in alternate realities or from "reboots" in the DC universe that rewrite his character's powers and feats (which have happened several times) -- he lacks a consistent background to use for a theoretical battle waged on "stats." That said, people often choose to "cherry-pick" the numerous accomplishments he has displayed from these different versions of him (such as the Silver-Age Superman sneezing away a Solar System), which is simply unreliable for the sake of consistency. The only comparable example for Goku would be his different Super-Saiyan forms which can still be considered consistent as there has only ever been maybe ... two versions of him that I can think of; the primary one and the one in Future Trunks' alternate reality where all the Z Fighters have died.


    Another point of contention is how Superman has also been depicted by different writers and their choice of conflicting story elements and plot devices that are, logically, unreliable as well ... whether it's because they get their science wrong or for simple exaggeration, the inconsistency is always a factor. For imagination's sake, let's stick with his latest, New 52 incarnation ... although I cannot say there is a reasonable source out there that depicts this version of him in a way that is reliable either. The various wiki's out there state his powers and abilities but they are not defined by set versions of him (and there are many) but simply based on what the comics have shown he is capable of. The same cannot be said for Goku, who for most of his manga career has been written by his creator -- even though people dispute GT as canon -- Akira Toriyama oversaw the anime production despite the series source material not directly related to a Manga. Regardless, with the new Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods movie out that takes place between the last DBZ saga/arc and GT, depicting an even stronger version of Goku than Super Saiyan 4 and Toriyama's direct involvement in its production, it's safe to say there isn't a lot of inconsistency with his character.


    What I would like to focus on in this debate/conversation is what we can rely on:

    • For Superman, that would be his weaknesses which are a few; 1) Kryptonite will kill him, if not immediately then quickly enough to turn him into a sick shell of himself; 2) Mystical/magical attacks hurt him (i.e. a normal bullet would bounce off him, a magic bullet would make him bleed if not puncture a hole); 3) Finally -- the most important factor -- his dependency on yellow solar radiation.
    • Goku's weaknesses are; 1) his Saiyan tail ... which he himself cuts off anyway.

    Alright, I could go on and list each of their respective powers and abilities, trying to break this battle down to one of numbers -- which I started off with but soon saw no reason for -- and instead wanted a topic based on reasonable arguments. I would want people not to overestimate and exaggerate for argument's sake so let's be reasonable, shall we?


    My reasoning for why Goku would win is simply because Superman's powers and abilities are temporary -- if not for the fact that that his physiology is empowered by the yellow sun in our Solar System, he would be a normal humanoid being. Red sun radiation actually causes him pain, and being away from our sun will revert him back to a normal state. Goku's powers and abilities are inherently his and this remains true whether he is on this planet or one across the galaxy, a different realm, and even in death.


    What's your opinion on this subject?

  2. I dunno, his yoga pants video is pretty funny lol ... but seriously, one does wonder if his stuff does more to hurt than help, or the opposite.

    I for one, considering where I live, have seen homelessness since birth and the hobos that live here are on an order of magnitude that is sad and unavoidable. But I don't think I have ever seen a homeless child since they would likely be in the foster care system or an orphanage.


    I know there are tens of thousands of homeless kids in third world countries outside of the U.S. though, which is the unfortunate reality of poverty. I recently had to cancel my monthly UNHCR subscription because I am trying to move out soon, and wish I didn't have to. And I know I give homeless people a few bucks here and there more than most people I know. The only issue I have — and I am not racist although I may be profiling — is when African American homeless people approach me, they never seem to even try looking thankful or appreciative, but act pushy and almost expect a handout simply because they seem to be a transient. It is rather annoying.


    Anyway, homelessness is a social disease — not unlike leprosy — that a lot of people choose to ignore. It is hard to help the type of people who end up on the streets too because of addiction, mental health problems, etc.


    Speaking of the internet being useful ... for you Xbox 360 owners, I recently came across this:



    Zookeeper Tycoon is now online and Microsoft will donate $10,000 to animal conservation each time chosen community challenges are completed by players! I wish the game was out for PC. :sad:






    I remember when TV commercials used to make sense ... now we have segments about skittlespox, and the world more interested in how Justin Bieber acts during a legal hearing than they do about much else. Twitter, unfortunately, has become reinforced by Hollywood as it's a way for free self-advertisement by people who work in the entertainment industry. I strictly use g+ but I'm afraid that service too will become inundated with mindless dribble from those who hop the trend bandwagon faster than an HIV outbreak. So I agree, the internet has become its own worst enemy in some ways, but it's better than being censored the way the Communist and Islamic governments deal with freedom of information.


    I am glad too that this place remains, although it could use some activity other than posting to cement this community.


    Do we have an #irc channel? :msnoh:

    What is G+? Never heard of it. And yeah, pretty much agree with everything you said, but sadly it's not just Hollywood anymore. It's a new generation of self-entitled people who think they are famous. And I mean, why they shouldn't if they starred in a few short films or posed their ass or tits in a few modeling shots, while gaining a huge following?


    And we use to have an IRC channel for many years. I'm not sure I would be a proponent on reviving it though only because I always felt that it took away from activity here on the forums. What do you think?


    g+ as in google+, my friend. And yes, I agree there is no shortage of pretentious young people nowadays who think much of themselves because of YouTube partnerships and Twitter. I mean ... it literally becomes a source of income for them, and while I admire those who have talent such as singers or musicians to put themselves out there in a competitive industry, giving back to the community is just as important since it's the community that inflated their egos to begin with.


    I just watched this a little white ago and thought it relevant:


    As for an irc channel, I suppose you have a point that it detracts from activity here, which would be a shame. We need a group project or something we can all get involved in to get things going, y'know? And not necessarily for gaming, although I have no qualms about that either lol. :lookaround:

  4. #social



    I remember when TV commercials used to make sense ... now we have segments about skittlespox, and the world more interested in how Justin Bieber acts during a legal hearing than they do about much else. Twitter, unfortunately, has become reinforced by Hollywood as it's a way for free self-advertisement by people who work in the entertainment industry. I strictly use g+ but I'm afraid that service too will become inundated with mindless dribble from those who hop the trend bandwagon faster than an HIV outbreak. So I agree, the internet has become its own worst enemy in some ways, but it's better than being censored the way the Communist and Islamic governments deal with freedom of information.


    I am glad too that this place remains, although it could use some activity other than posting to cement this community.


    Do we have an #irc channel? :msnoh:

  5. What's this?


    A stir? A whisper? The faint glimmer of fresh activity ... such a welcome sight!


    Greetings unto you, Sam! It has been a few moons since the clamor of interest echoed within these hallowed walls (can you tell?). What lead you to discover this retinue of cohorts, I wonder?

    PLEASE, DELIGHT US WITH YOUR REFRESHING NARRATIVE, FOR IT IS Aahhhh, alright nevermind ... it's 4 AM and I'm being retarded lol. Don't mind me.


    But seriously, how did you find this place? Please, tell us. We are glad to have you. :lookaround:


  6. So fascinating. So I'm guessing for every cadaver you work with that it's extremely important to first know the religious denomination, correct? What if he/she is atheist -- is there a specific protocol for that as well?


    Right. If a person is Athiest then they will likely have a Humanistic funeral service which is devoid of religious connotation, and possibly an adaptive type of service that is catered to their will or families desires to have meaningful ceremony; i.e. you sometimes hear in the news how a person who died was buried in a custom casket that resembles a car, that person may have been a devout car enthusiast and so an adaptive service would cater to his love of that by having car memorabilia or other related aspects involved. And it does not necessarily have to be non-traditional to be adaptive.


    Here's a photo of a man who was embalmed sitting on top of his motorcycle as an example (he is 100% dead):



    Also, just for clarification; legally speaking a cadaver is specifically a dead human body for the purposes of medical study and education. Any other dead human remains is technically a "corpse." :)

  7. I bought a PS4 and have spent a decent amount of time with it. Great interface, wish it was backwards compatible though with at least PSOne games to hold me over until some new AAA PS4 game comes out.


    I was looking around my man cave and realized every Sony system I have in there can play Final Fantasy VII-IX except the PS4. Shame really.


    Sony is supposedly scrapping the backwards hardware compatibility format for a monthly online library subscription to legacy PSN games I believe, from what I've read ... is that still in effect if anyone can confirm?

  8. ^


    Concerning different denominations, we are required to be educated in the majority of various religious faiths and sects including but not limited to many forms of Christianity such as Catholics, Protestants, Mormons, Baptists; Buddhists and Hindus; various types of Jewish faiths such as Reformed Jews, Conservative Jews and Orthodox Jews; Muslims and their different sects ... even Church of Christ Science and the military.


    In saying so it is VERY important to know that Orthodox Jews and Muslims forbid certain death-related procedures such as cremation, embalming or autopsies unless required by law in certain situations. Heck ... Catholics didn't officially recognize cremation as an acceptable form of disposition until 1966 and even then ... as a devout Catholic, one is only allowed to bury cremated remains in a designated Catholic cemetery or recognized space and not placed on a mantle at home (not that people always listen). Other traditional rituals such as Jewish decedents requiring burial in an all wood casket and that they must have soil from Jerusalem placed in a pouch under their heads is also important to know. All these things they teach us in the program but in all honesty, there is so much to know and we cover such a wide range of topics involved in the field from Psychology to Accounting, to Business and Statutory Law and even Chemistry that having resources to turn to is important. Some of the textbooks I have from it are so specific they were made just for teaching students in these programs.


    As for cemeteries/memorial parks, how they designate their lots, blocks, plots and graves are under their discretion since most are privately owned land (excluding those owned by the city or national cemeteries which are still maintained by the government) but you are right that most grave sites designate different sections of land for different religions and cater to their specific traditions, rituals and ceremonies.

  9. Honestly, I got to say that it is absolutely awesome you're a mortician. I find it quite on the mysterious side and furthermore -- it might actually work wonders for you with women. Of course, you would not tell them right away what your job is, but you would keep them guessing. Girls always like a guy who is dark on the outside, but soft on the inside. And also as a 1emu buddy, I got to say it's pretty cool to say to others I know someone who deals with dead bodies. Gnarly stuff dude!!


    Thanks for the positive regard, dude. :) I am sure some women would find it intriguing and some would find it creepy lol. I have a girlfriend, though, who required some convincing before she let me join the program. I am also a pretty quiet individual who keeps to himself most of the time so that would only add to the "mystery" quality — I have even been called that by friends I made in the program lol.


    People often ask why I would want to physically deal with corpses ... and I answer by saying that I don't do it because I want to (it is not glamorous in any way), but like many professions out there, we do it because somebody has to. We do so with a high regard for the decedent's dignity as a human being — there are even laws that prevent us from certain behavior around the remains of a deceased individual such as foul language and behavior or any treatment of the remains in an undignified manner and regard.


    You would be surprised, however, by the type of people that show up when trying to enter the program. Today was actually the orientation for newly admitted, incoming 1st semester students to the program and a friend still attending who participated to speak to these new students told me (during their introductions) that ... and I quote: "I just like to cut stuff." There are no shortage of inappropriate types who show up to enter the field — and I say this thankfully — who don't usually last very long because of how academically rigorous it is to pass. It is not as difficult as advanced chemistry or mathematics, physics or some other specifically difficult subject, but it was the most difficult academic experience I have ever been through. Many friends and others I have known along the way have failed to pass semesters and are forced to repeat classes in order to pass or risk being denied re-entry in to the program. Some people I know have repeated on several occasions for not passing classes. It is statistically more difficult than undergraduate and even some graduate level programs and I knew plenty of people enrolled who had bachelor's and master's degrees say the same.


    Anyway, the point of my comment is just to let people know that we are highly professional and the field is very rigorous for a reason; that is to make sure those individuals who are employed in the death care industry have the utmost regard for professionalism and ethics, which is essential to what we do. Since people are basically trusting us with their beloved family members who have died, it only makes sense.

  10. Greetings & Happy New Year~


    This seems to be a recurring theme for me but I forget to check 1emu from time-to-time and find my way back eventually. Twelve years... wow. I was barely legal to start drinking when this site went up I suppose. i just want to say I am glad I keep finding my way back here—it is like our own private club. :)


    As for 2014 resolutions... I don't really believe in them because I tend to view everyday the same way, including holidays, and I feel one should strive towards bettering the self on a regular basis without relying on a specific date or event as incentive. That being said, I do have a particular goal in mind that just coincides with the occasion; I recently graduated from my program and now must find a job/apprenticeship position based on statutory law in order to comply with state requirements. I have mentioned in separate threads that I was studying in a Health Science related field that was not nursing, dentristry or radiology, etc. I intentionally keep the nature of my chosen career profession "low key" because of its nature. The reactions people give me when they learn what I am pursuing are mixed. Some find it very interesting, even commendable while others veer in the opposite direction. Some even mask their reaction when I can plainly see they find it... morbid.


    Therefore, my little disclaimer: Given the nature of my profession, individuals react differently when presented with the fact of what I am, and I must let them know that I do not take offense to any personal beliefs one may associate with what I do nor intend any to anyone. I am a recently graduated Mortician from a nationally accredited program (one of two in the state of California), passed my national board exams in the Arts and Sciences related to the field, must retake my state FDR license exam because I failed by two points the first time, and complete my apprenticeship/EMB license exam within the specified time. I cannot (legally) claim to be a duly licensed Funeral Director until I pass that state exam and am employed by a licensed Funeral Establishment, and I cannot claim to be an embalmer until my apprenticeship is completed and my embalmer's license exam.


    There you have it. The closest thing to a new year's resolution I can claim. :)

  11. I have my Demon Hunter at 30. It gets boring having to do everything all over again since I did a lot on the PC version but all those spam accounts sending friend requests turned me away from it.


    In other news, I'm planning on getting a game capture device so that I can record console games some day.


    Nice, keep us updated on how that works out.

  12. Different strokes for different folks. I used to know a co-worker who partook in the FFM thing, but never the FMM cuz her husband wouldn't allow it. I, personally, find it strange on an intimate level to share that with more than one person at a time so, I never have.


    Wow Bambi... you're not 30 yet? I feel fucking old hahaha~




    Oh, and I vote Bambi stream on Twitch.tv! :-D lol


    If I had something intresting to show on it I would!


    You can stream whatever PC games you play, but I suppose multi-player games are the most popular.

    I only own about 3 PC games so nothing intresting would be shown :sad:


    I still play sid meiers pirates :P

    Aww.. no MMO's of any sort? Or maybe any upcoming multiplayer games?

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