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  1. Im 100 % sure that Project64 will work. I use him, and every single game works.
  2. really? Too bad. Well, let's go buy a DS
  3. i heard that the Gta 4 will be the best yet created Gta ever!!! ( In this time, it's just for Ps 3 ) P.S. I hope that the Gta 4 will be for Windows ( i can't afford a Ps 3 )
  4. i would like to have a Play Station 3
  5. Pokemon Diamond Pokemon Pearl Pokemon Ranger Digimon World DS My Sims Hotel Dush- Room 215 Naruto: Path of the ninja ( it's not bad too ) EDIT: No double posting plz.
  6. no, in that topic i told him only that we have saving problems. Why to buy a DS for ??? money when here we can get a emulator for free? Let's hope that the next, v. 2.6, will have a instant command " save game "
  7. No$Gba is the best-(known) emulator for DS.At least for me. But everybody has problems with the saving. So if you want to try the Pokemon on No$Gba, there is 95 % that you won't go further after you get the 2./3. badge, at least until we solve the save game problem
  8. Hello, i have a problem. I'm using No$Gba version 2.5c. I don't know how to save the game ( Pokemon Diamond (Nintendo DS )). Can somebody tell me plz?
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