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  1. well i got it running, thanks for the help though. i play games off dvds, dont have a dash installed so i use craxtion to make the folder into an iso... i had kof2003f (already had the pmame file inside) i drag&dropped the unrared s1 into the kof2003f rar after renaming it to ".rom" i then used iso craxtion to make the folder into and iso and bang it works fine... i am a bit puzzled as to why no one really wanted to help me seeing as in other threads everyone seems so helpful... becoz im a noob?
  2. hey shadowjin could you tell me exactly what i need and run me through putting it all together to get this running on my xbox? thx in advance sorry to spam up the thread
  3. ok i have: 1. ghosts compiled fbax 2. the kof 2k3 rar (2003f) with a size of 39,688kb 3. isocraxtion ready to go to burn up a dvd.... is that all i need? do i need a different s1? im a bit of a noob so keep it simple if you could
  4. there is a working version out there somewhere.. i have it working.
  5. its not "jap" nor is it japanese, its chinese.
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