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  1. very complicated all i know is to turn ur pc on then play a ds game that is wifi competable and off you go
  2. i never knew that it was like that i thought that you play the game on your emulator and thats it im gonna try burning a game and play it on my dc
  3. ive never played mugen im gonna download now
  4. I havent downloaded MUGEN yet but before i download can i make charecters?
  5. i wish i could help i havent found any other info
  6. i have a real ds and real wifi the real one works fine hmm i havent got a clue ill do some reserch later to help you
  7. Can someone help me i need a working DC emulator i got 2 emulators that dont work and i have been searching the internet for months for an Sonic Adventure 2 ROM i found one on torrent but it doesnt work and someone send me an working DC emulator and an Sonic Adventure 2 ROM thanks.
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