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  1. Don't create a prison for yourself by labeling yourself as some loner persona. Accepting defeat and living with that status quo is so much easier than actually doing something about it. Just know that with enough will power and desire you are capable of many things, as cliche and dumb as that sounds.


    Sorry I've only read a few of the comments on the first page since I am uber busy and will have to catch up on this thread later.


    Life's too short for self pity.

  2. Gryph, you are thinking of going too?

    I'm studying to be a physician, I can't really pick up and leave whenever I feel like it. :P

    Once you finished, you can always go and work in China. or India. places with more cases of sickness will help you gain more experience ;)

    I want to work as little as possible.

  3. For the past few months and years, my brain has been in limbo. Seriously, since 2007, I have had things in boxes left to work on, but never got to it. It's not that I didn't have time to work on it, it's that I can't pull myself together to work on it. I'm out of shape (thankfully not obese), always sleepy, and women are tearing me apart limb by limb, due to my failure of fully understanding them. Women are truly a different species than men. To even think they are the same is ridiculous and each gender has it's pros/cons. I'm not saying one is better than the other.


    My brain's failure to accomplish all tasks, especially seen in 1Emulation, is driving me fucking insane. Even visiting this place for me is tough, but I still check it almost every other day. It use to be every 5 minutes :rolleyes:... but times are changing.


    I hate staying vague, so I'll tell you a little more. The stuff in the boxes are mostly gaming peripherals or older consoles like PS2's and XBOX's I've wanted to open up for some better gaming. My XBOX 360 also broke and I haven't pulled myself together to call Microsoft for the last few months. Damn, I really should do that. Last thing totally unrelated, I am pissed Apple purchased Lala.com and are closing the site down tomorrow. It was the greatest music site since Napster, purely because you could listen to any song once for free. FUCK APPLE!!


    Too much rambling... still too vague. Maybe one day...

    I've been in pretty much the same boat. I would have expected my life to be more progressed by the age of 26 but it's like I'm barely out of high school.


    And yes I too am saddened at the loss of lala. I have $35 credit that I can put towards itunes. Fuck itunes.

  4. Let's just wait to see the game in motion before we crucify it. I rarely look at screenshots seriously anymore these days. I wait till in game footage is released then I give a shit.

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