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  1. I've put like 25 hours in to the game so far and am loving it despite it's bugginess.

    now imagine after all that time all your missions are in New Vegas. and every time you step foot in New Vegas the Securitrons shoot missles up your ass. :D

    That sucks.


    My Brotherhood of Steel quest is bugged so I can't train for power armor. Fucking bullshit, dude! Supposedly you could only choose one direction to go in but they didn't remove the other quest dialogue so I can't finish the fucking quest.

  2. am I the only person who really hates going into gamestop? not because of all the internet cool kid reasons either. I just feel really uncomfortable and out of place in there. I feel the same about guitar stores.


    My two main hobbies and I can't stand going into businesses related to them....

    Yeah I really don't like going in gamestop. I buy most of my games from Best Buy but only Gamestop has those used rare games Best BUy doesn't stock anymore.

  3. Congrats on the job, dude!


    there are two gamestops within half a mile of each other here and the differences between store cleanliness, staff knowledge and friendliness is night and day. It's like one is staffed only by people who play Halo and Call of Duty and the other is staffed by people who like videogames.

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