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  1. I used VDMSound but the command prompt hangs after Initializing Keyboard. It never gets past that?


    Did you do anything else, Cinder, to get it to work? I think I read somewhere that you have to enable somthing in the Control Panel but I don't what, why, or where.

  2. I must say that I was extremely disappointed with it. With a little extra effort the game could have been a lot better. But I won't say it sucks, because I don't think it's THAT bad.


    The animations were pretty bad, especially the hurricane kick and all of Sagat's moves. The Capcom characters don't look right with the SNK style but the SNK characters look fine in Capcom...weird.

  3. Well I'm sorry. Calm down there... There isn't a decent arcade 200 hundred miles from where I live. All the arcades where I life have Crusin' USA and Area 51. But when I do get a chance to go to a badass arcade (this one in Houston called FunPlex), I spend quite a lot. Last time I went I spent $82 at that arcade, so I'm no ultra-freeloader, just a semi-freeloader. It's just that ROMs are the only way I can play these games. I actually pay for my PC games(so sad and naive I am) and I'm not buying a console just to play 2 games...I need that cash for med school :D


    I apologize for sounding like a desperate freeloading bastard.


    And I'm a pessimist with no experience, so I complain about everything :unsure:

  4. Yes hello, I'm extremely new to MUGEN. Actually I just learned about it tonight and I must say that I am thrilled at what I can do with it.


    But first I would like to know if there are any publicly downloadable coversions so that I can test it out and see if its really worth my time. I have to balance fighting games with college :-D


    If you go here,


    and look at the conversion creation example (second pic); can you tell me which one that is and where can I find it?



  5. This is depressing. I read about the NAOMI specs earlier today and was amazed. I didn't know it was that powerful. And just think, a lot more great games will come out for that and it'll be forever till we can play it :lol:


    I wonder how much longer Playmore is going to use the NeoGeo system...I hope forever.

  6. CvS 1, CvS2, and CvSpro all run on NAOMI hardware which won't be emulated for a long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long time



    That sucks! Is the hardware that hard to decrypt?! What about CPS3? I know that will take a lot of time.


    How many years is a long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long time? Like 3 years...4 years...20 years?


    Oh well. Atleast I have nice NeoGeo to keep me busy ^_^

  7. What arcade system do CvS 1 and/or 2 use? And does anyone know if it will be emulated anytime soon because I actually enjoy those games a lot. SVC Chaos rules and I loved CvS 1 and 2 on console.


    So does anyone know if they will be emulated anytime soon? I know that SF3 is a long way off because the CPS3 system is hard as hell to crack.

  8. Meh...it's alright. Could have been a lot better! The graphics haven't improved at all. But since I'm not much of a graphics whore, that doesn't bother me. What bothers me more is the removal of the No Contest moves and Bust/Slash options.


    The addition of the new characters is pretty cool, though.


    I was really excited to get the rom but I am a bit disappointed. But hey, it's still Samurai Showdown :( Get the rom anyway, it's worth it.


    Samurai Showdown 4 is still the best.

  9. Here's how to get blood while playing in Console mode.


    It's the same code as for SS4:


    At the title screen, hold down START and highlight "Options." Press A to

    enter the options screen. While STILL HOLDING DOWN START, move the

    cursor to "Exit," press A+B+C+D simultaneously.


    That should get you blood instead of cum in the console mode. Arcade mode should have red blood...it was like that for me.


    Well enjoy the game with blood!


    BTW, it's an alright game. That new character with all those swords is incredibly unbalanced and very strong and very easy to play as...a cheapo's dream. :(

    Basara and Sogetsu rules all!

  10. Hello all, I'm GryphonKlaw and I hail from New Orleans. I've been romming and such for about 5 years from NES to NeoGeo. I took a break from downloading roms when all the roms sites seemed to disappear(about 2 years ago). I stumbled across this site and I absolutely love it. I was reluctant to start looking for roms again, because they were so tough to find, till I came here and everything is great now. The people here know their roms and are very helpful.


    Ok. Enough introduction and time to download Samurai Showdown 5. :(


    See you around the forums

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