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  1. that scanline is so horribly done u cant even read the text
  2. 여기도 한국분들이 있구나~ juniel님도 킹오브파이터를 좋아하세요? 방갑습니다 ^^
  3. well it seems this battle is finished..for now
  4. what annoyed me the most was when some people (rag, etc) started to defend sharim1111..i mean lol that's pretty sad you know..whats funny was that the best "proof" he had was a screenshot of his desktop. beta testing kof2k3 lol that was a good laugh.
  5. well when people believe idiots who say they have kof 2k4, ss6, mm6 roms..its pretty much obvious NOT to be gullible. There are some things you should believe, and some things you should not. The fact that I got a warning for trying to make this fact known is very odd as well.
  6. please don't take my "accusations" so seriously.
  7. rag: watch your tongue, not toungue.
  8. fake fake..man this forum is filled with fakes ;;;
  9. 안녕하세요. 저의 이름은 한경원입니다.
  10. theres a program to edit people's intro.
  11. while your argument is good, we must agree chang and choi are very signature characters of KOF. Obviously Choi is with SVC now, but removing Chang will dissapoint many fans. Don't get me wrong, Lee Jin Jun is awesome character. but her clothing is a tad weak. except for the nice scarf.
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