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  1. I've found the wifi test app does not auto refresh the APs that are found. If an AP has 0% signal then why is it still displayed? Could someone please make it auto-refresh.
  2. I flashed my DS phat with FlashME V8 and still it does not work. Please, recompile it!
  3. I have FW3 (original ds) and the dswifi 0.3 test app won't work. (does not detect any access points) But the latest test app (0.3.3) works perfectly. I have a slot-1 card (R4). So I also need DS2Key recompiled
  4. I also need the source for the latest wifi_lib_test.nds
  5. I was looking for the source of the test app... I don't think it was released.
  6. Could you please provide a link to download the source for the latest wifi_lib_test.nds? Thanks.
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