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  1. I noticed that dswifi 0.3.4 was just released. Since I'm having trouble with 0.3.3 and my router, I was wondering if someone can build a 0.3.4 version of wifi_lib_test? Haven't got a dev environment up yet myself. Also, where can I get the source for wifi_lib_test? It doesn't appear to be included in dswifi 0.3.4. Is it deprecated?
  2. Hi, new here, hope I'm doing the right thing posting this here instead of in a new topic.. This is my problem: Connected OK but can't send/receive data! I have a DS Lite (bought in Japan, but I don't think that matters?), a Thompson SpeedTouch 716 router, an R4 v1.10 and wifi_lib_test 0.3.3. I can connect to the AP, but nothing is sent/received. Non-homebrew WiFi works like a charm. I'm using 128 bit WEP, shared key and DHCP, but I've tried static IP and no WEP as well without success. I would really appreciate some help interpreting the test program results. I'm at work at the moment
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