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  1. I wish I had a log cabin, sitting in it and watching a fire. Would be sweet.... But anyways where I'm at its still windy so we only get a high of 16 so its still chilly but not sweater weather. I am running a dehumidifier 24 hours a day its so humid. It's like always having a cold sweat, your not hot but your not cold either it just sucks out.
  2. I know what you mean, I did my one of my postings in toronto and it suuuuuuuucked to be there. The whole area is getting bad. AND been getting worse as the years go. Hey Ken we could still meet in august at Playdium Mississauga. (I think I cant spell missisagua this late.)
  3. I looked, your not here. Why would you get my hopes up? Ken cinder was going to meet up with me once but he didn't want to after.
  4. i said I MISS the Toronto trip, as in, i didnt make it to the trip. I would have post the same thing here if I am going to Toronto OK!! Your out of trouble with me. BUT if you ever come by my way we need to meet and hang out.
  5. You were in Toronto and didn't tell me....I don't know how to feel right now. We could have hung out all day in T.O.
  6. I live in London....although its the canadian one lol
  7. Nice, Haven't played wazard since along time ago.
  8. Asleep! lol thats my fault I work odd hours and message at bad times.
  9. Ohayō 1Emu!!!!!

  10. Alpha I've skyped you a few times but you don't answer, I can still upload emulators if you need me to.
  11. WHOA! Haven't seen one of those in decades....and it works too!
  12. http://www.1emulation.com/forums/topic/34763-recommend-that-anime/ I had recommened Accel World waaaay back lol!
  13. Eureka 7 - I saw this a few years ago when it aired on the anime nights in canada. WIDE cast of characters and an awesome story. Loved it! Naruto Shippuden - Was watching the newest of this until Neon Alley shut down in canada, I was on ep. 198. It was building to something big that I'll prolly never see... Basquatch! - Never heard of this before but put it in my download queue to check out. H.o.t.D. - Watched it all uncut on dvd in 2012. Still waiting for them to complete the story up to where the manga is. Puella Magi Madoka Magica - This one I watched in a month on Neon Alley. It has some creepy art that will stay with you for days, The story in the end makes it a very enjoyable anime. SAO - I've watched up to ep. 13 on subbed crunchyroll but now I see canada netflix also has it in dubbed. I'll have to finish it to see how SAO 2 will have guns!
  14. I still emulate on twitch for others to see, I'll emulate anything im in the mood for.
  15. I do both! Manga for the newest and un-anime yet stories, And Anime to add music and voices that fit the plot. You get the best of both worlds!
  16. Right now im watching Attack on Titan, Pyscho-pass and Deadman wonderland. They're all pretty good and a all different.
  17. I use a wired 360 controller on my pc for emulators and south park. If it comes with a wire attached its better than the controllers with the detachable wire.
  18. Do you watch Total Divas? Summer Rae comes off as a bit of an ass ... Yeah I watch it, I like her being a bitch! It's one of the reasons I download it now. The more I see of summer rae the more I like her.
  19. Kinda cause for about 10 mins I was debating hitting the record button and watching it this morning. Divas match was kinda wierd but I wanted to see summer Rae win
  20. I thought it was great although I was falling asleep when taker and Brock were fighting
  21. I don't have a PC that would be good enough to run it
  22. I'm used to it on 360, looks different
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