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  1. New code for 48 hour Premium + guest pass N5PAH6XGR4Y
  2. They're many of us here who can help you get started! First you will need to modchip your Xbox original, Install a new bigger HDD and then finally FTP your files to your Xbox. Now thats the simple version. Getting your system modded and new HDD you can do yourself if you have some skill in soldering and HHD installing. After all the hard part is out of the way install a Frontend to your system (ie - Evox, UnleashX,etc.) to recognize coinops. Download coinops from the official source here - http://www.1emulation.com/forums/topic/35458-coinops-7-r2-standalone-new-update/ Then Ftp Coinops and all roms to your Xbox, When completed Power off the Xbox properly and restart and you should have a working Coinops 7 on your Xbox. Again this is the simple instructions I used and I'm sure fumanchu could give you a better understanding of working with the Xbox original.
  3. It is done! Took 2 days with the Media creation tool. Seems to have fixed my minor problems on windows. Cant get an Xbox One controller to connect though.
  4. Its finished downloading but now we have been "preparing for installation" for about 45 mins now...
  5. It says 3gb but the percentages keep going up then down as if its erasing what it just downloaded. Its the worst updating experience ever.
  6. Another day and it's still downloading. Maybe tomorrow it will finish.
  7. I've been updating for....going on 25 hours and I slept through 12 of them.
  8. You actually don't have to wait. Just download the tool from Microsoft: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10 I just tried that and its confusing. I guess i'll have to wait.
  9. I got an email saying I'll get it on aug. 17th, now to wait.
  10. New code for Premium+ 48 hour guest pass EZ7L5JDX8AE And if you use these codes leave a thanks!
  11. New code for Premium+ 48 hour guest pass 3CHU5QWHCBL Enjoy!
  12. Just got 1 more Premium+ 48 hour guest pass D73ZM8X3KXH All the codes are for north america but could work in other countries, Im not sure though.
  13. Got a 2nd one same as above. CXRWW7959HB
  14. I have a 48 hour premium+ guest pass to whoever wants it. 3R9BAMNFKJT
  15. Happy july 4th to our American members!
  16. I watched a lot of trailer park boys, you definitely say aboot not about. If your basing Canada on trailer park boys your stupider than I thought
  17. Happy Canada day to our Canadian members!
  18. The closest you'll get to a FF tactics sequel is the versions on GBA and 3? DS(Jap). The GBA one I cant remember the name of was like lion something is ok but the difficulty goes through the roof after your first level up. After thinking about it for a minute I think the GBA one was called FF Tactics Advance: Something something....
  19. The square enix company has been milking the part 2's of a few classic games but I would play a new story of ff6 to see the loose plot lines tied.
  20. I didnt even watch the sony show, not intrested. Ff7 remake? Why bother even buying it, the cutscenes and gameplay will be on youtube an hour after it comes out. But here's the thing, I like playing games and experiencing them myself, not watching cutscenes and Let's Plays on YouTubeBut heres the thing...I already played it over a decade ago, I know what happens so why would i waste another 25 hours leveling up pointless materia
  21. I didnt even watch the sony show, not intrested. Ff7 remake? Why bother even buying it, the cutscenes and gameplay will be on youtube an hour after it comes out.
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