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  1. Zelda - Time To Triumph v1.3 by neobomb
  2. here is a download for most of the new releases/demos and homebrew releases for multiple consoles. console games for atari 7800 msx pc engine gba gbc nes snes virtualboy sega game gear master system megadrive link https://www40.zippyshare.com/v/XZ9joiPD/file.html mirrorlink https://1fichier.com/?ftth0l1oafayubebwqhi
  3. here are the new roms which were added to this new release. link https://www1.zippyshare.com/v/cMUya4DC/file.html mirrorlink https://1fichier.com/?m3fgo70ycax45ukk095c
  4. new links https://www42.zippyshare.com/v/hCMT53dj/file.html mirrorlink https://1fichier.com/?xgzyunsrp77rfu5v6uaa
  5. Gaplus for NES taken from Namco Museum Archives Vol. 2 as a bonus title. link for gaplus https://1fichier.com/?11tkj5fndyq04o8y9d4l link for pacman championshio edition https://1fichier.com/?9nefupg0cs0u0kbz5qza
  6. new update. zeldaNSQx v1.1 info link https://1fichier.com/?ziccjd7js1cw0smog96x
  7. Xwolf3d V1.3 by XtecuterX73
  8. OpenTyrianX by neobomb
  9. New update. Giddy 3: Somewhat Xbox Edition v1.1 link https://www23.zippyshare.com/v/BvdzvSjG/file.html mirrorlink https://anonfile.com/fan06a28o2/Giddy3x_1.1_zip
  10. Giddy 3: Somewhat Xbox Edition by neobomb
  11. ZeldaNSQx v1.0 by neobomb quote by neobomb original site. http://www.zeldaroth.fr/us/
  12. XVVVVX r6 by betterdragon2 github page https://github.com/BttrDrgn/XVVVVX/releases/tag/r6 quote by betterdragon2
  13. DevilutionX/Diablo Port v1.0 by marty
  14. you might want to try mameoxtras or mameox 128 when it comes to lightgun arcade games.
  15. here is the full game with all the game files included. link https://1fichier.com/?9hv0z3c3y6anpo6eidm7
  16. Hodex v1.0 (heart of darkness game engine port) by Lantus/MVG link below(sourcecode included) https://www75.zippyshare.com/v/v5EVbWf7/file.html mirrorlink https://1fichier.com/?00qpxcx4tijqueira7ib
  17. Odamex 0.8.1 by hyper eye. link https://www108.zippyshare.com/v/tJFsO9je/file.html mirrorlink https://anonfile.com/ZaqfS100na/Odamex-0.8.1_rar mirrorlink https://1fichier.com/?p5issnq9ibhcpwy7wmj4
  18. Final Burn Legends v1.26 by arcadez/gamezfan new games now supported
  19. new link https://cloud.mail.ru/public/3EV3/bnRNB5a4p
  20. you will get the marquees in the fbl 1.24 full download.
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