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  1. Sounds like a cool idea,i'd like to something simular to my pc.I might put it in a customized cabinet of my own.
  2. Yeah,im with you fuku.Lets just wait...
  3. Gosh,it seems like their making fun of us in our time of need and want.Thier so cruel.
  4. Yess!!! I cant wait to blitz this game up.I heard this was one of the best looking kof's yet.
  5. Mine is cresentmoon01,I use kawaks the most and I play lots of alpha 3.
  6. I would pay tons of money to play this game,its too bad that my two-bit mall arcade in my town hasn't gotten this game yet.But Im still hoping to find one soon.
  7. I cannot wait to find this server,ima play there all the time when I get the chance.
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