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  1. thats the one xD and i have done and i cant find it its bugging me now xD
  2. i woudl say magical starsign just need to find the save state xD then it will be xD
  3. abdul razak: that was just what i was going to say xD that the only prob with Pokemon
  4. humm~~ that set up worked for me (though i haven't played it that much) but humm sorry if it don't work xD
  5. ok if ur using no$GBA then this should work the speed may b e a bit slow (70fps) but that may just be this damn PC its like 2 years old with no upgrades since xD the attachment is the set up i'm to lazy to upload it to photo bucket xD
  6. hi just got hold of Magical Starsign and was wondering what save state is uses cos the rom works but when i save it it says saved to i quit the game but it didn't actually save...... thanks btw lol i'm yet another noob well i will keep on typing and post IF or when i get the right one but any help would be apriated EDIT:AAHHHH CRAP! i'm a noob didn't tell u what emulator did i well its no$GBA
  7. ahhhh that may be why how do i change it on my no$GBA? and just found and downloaded an English just trying to get to a save point now for us all EDIT: OK guys this rom works with the following settings http://i132.photobucket.com/albums/q24/ada...nd/untitled.jpg and here is the quick sum up GFX: still a bit gliched but not bad at all dont really detract from game play sound: meh acceptable saves: both quick save and full save work game play form what I've seen (about all 20 mins) its as good as hell good old retro game play made modern yet not just a simple copy for FF3 xD any other questions?
  8. for some games it needs sound to work like pokemon dimon (
  9. guys just got hold of Final Fantasy III(EUR) and i can start to play i will edit if i can save but so far it seems ok any objections?? EDIT : FFS ITS FRENCH i need to get hold of it in english then i will tell you >.<
  10. some forum i was on before banned me cos i posted a pic of the settings OK i will upload it right not and edit in the link
  11. is there anyway to "mute" it cos pokemon needs the sound or it don't: work but that music pisses me of f>.< :punk and i also love to listen to music wen i play any ideas ppl?
  12. dunno i dont read that may threads xD
  13. well as has been said No$GBA works but u need to have a sertain set up dunno if i'm allowed to post it >.< if i get a reply saying that i can i will post it
  14. damn guess that that meens no uber digimon for me >.< well TY do any of the DS emulators have a working WI FI yet?
  15. hi all, well i was wondering if anyone knows if no$GBA has wifi for Digimon cos none of my friends have the game >.< and was wondering if u know how i can "match " the digimon humm wonder if that made any sense.... or anyone know any gameshark codes for getting digi eggs... either way works thanks
  16. humm i used the config that was posted above and it don't work ........ any other ideas? cos i kinda smashed up my DS.... but i stil wanna play so kind of need some help xD i just cant get it to work just right .... i cant get rid of my saves.....
  17. i only have 2 atm i want a new oen soon >.< only 1 gig ram need to update it >.< with a stupid 2.6 prossesor that sucks mad ass but wooo posting for teh skae of posting now xD
  18. avril lavigne :- nobody's home (live) don't ask i'm insane >.<
  19. humm i will try and set out the emu to the settings sergested cos i got it to work just cant save >.< but thanks for the help and with that i will be posting (well editing after it works or not
  20. wohooooo IT WORKS!!!!! >.< i was such a noob and now i'm a happy panda xD dunno i i will be to active on the forums but u will see me lurking on other members to get my lvl up xD may make teh odd post now and again and thanks alot all for the help cya around
  21. humm so cant see any problem with my setup then? damn! well i'm about to get up to the point where i can save gain so i hope that it works now
  22. >.< lolz i think that it may be teh fact that i dident press save setup xD is that it i wonder
  23. what 2? everyone said 64 eprom butit not working for me :S
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