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  1. keep the battery over 80% and hope there are no power outs :)


    uh, to be safe, put it on a flat table, not in your pocket

    only use 1 finger at a time with it

    don't "accidentally" drop a hammer on it

    don't let a dog or a cat touch it

    don't sneeze on it

    don't flush it while downgrading

    don't expose it to any liquids(including urine)

    Don't worry, Be Happy ;)

  2. I haven't noticed anything except PSPRadio doesn't work(but it was made ages ago for like in the 2.7 or w/e firmwares)

    But I like how I can change the clock rate while in the XMB(not in the web browser) by just pushing select.

  3. Hibernation shouldn't do that, that could be like Sleep Mode, but Hibernation is when it back ups all the ram on the HD, and shuts down, you might have it on LAN wake or something(check your BIOS).


    If it is booting up by itself, then you might have some midget sneaking into your house to push the power button :)

  4. I've never been shot at, but as an infant I could have been killed. At 14, my mom told me this story that when she and my father were together, my mom asked my father to watch me. She said while they were arguing about who should watch me, I walked outside because the door was open, I just started walking down Buford Hwy, I mean, on the streets, where cars come and whatnot. A policeman found me and reported me back to my apartment, funny story.

    if you think that you almost been killed as a baby, you haven't done what I have. when I was before th age of 2 we lived in Las Vegas, we had a neighbor that is a retarded drunk who beats up his wife. well anyway, sometimes I would end up barefoot with only a diaper on inside a construction Lot(with various things like broken glass, industrial stuff, rusty nails and stuff), I've ran into a highway, I can't remember the other things, but my mom said that when I was able to sit still, without moving, I could poop strait up into my hair without bending over at all. man, I don't see how it was possible, but there were a few pics :)

  5. well.. never had that happen to me. are you using the official NDS cart?(like buying from walmart). If so, see if you can get it replaced, because that seriously sucks.



    i mean on emulator

    well use a real one, you may just have a corrupted version.

    also, when it comes to nds and gba games, play it on the NDS or GBA, the real system is much better game-experience wise.

  6. Well, I wasn't there, but it happened to my cousin, a long time ago.


    His mother decided to go to her friend's house to pick up something she forgot, and their driveway was on a steep hill, well my cousin(at the age of 5) decided it would be fun to see what would happen if he pulled out the parking brake and put into reverse and floor it. It so happened that 3 of his siblings(younger than him) were also in the car. When he started flooring the pedal(as he was too short to see over the seat while standing on the floor) he tipped a tree, and crashed right into another house, scared, he ran out of the car(which was totaled) and hid in the house that he crashed into. He lost a few teeth from slamming into the horn before the air bag came up. He was basically grounded from getting anything new other than clothes for like 7 years. He still does retarded stuff too. He has a clinical hyper problem, even full tablets can't stop him that much.



    Do not ever drive in Kentucky ever.

    well, I live in the center of it all, there are tons of idiots here for sure..

    Its mostly from people from age 27-65 that actually follow all the car regulations.

    I hated it when my dad was driving us back from an event and some guy actually tipped our car leaving it without a left mirror, my dad never got it replaced, it happened like 7 months ago. The guy sure should have felt it, and I bet it scratched up their car pretty bad(ours is like a Tyota Tercell, which is really small), they just sped away.

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