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  1. as in there is nothing wrong with the actual screen or buttons or anything like that.. Just the plastic on the top is cracked in many places, so where can I get a new one?(all I can find is the stupid skins that you put on with the sticky stuff on it.)


    links help :)

  2. check out


    iPhone NES v0.31: iPhone NES emulator

    Geschreven door dennis



    A brand new version of the iPhone Nintendo Entertainment System emulator for Apple iPhone is now available. As usual coded by the talented stepwhite and nervegas, this iPhone NES version includes the following changes:


    # 0.22 stepwhite Added diagonal direction hotspots, SHOW_HITSPOT flags

    # 0.23 nervegas Tweaks to orientation change, DEBUG shows hot spots now

    # 0.24 nervegas Using K6502_rw.h from older core, Metroid and Punchout work! Made more improvements to orientation sensitivity. Implemented slightly faster rendering

    # 0.25 nervegas Enlarged controls for landscape mode

    # 0.26 nervegas Change status bar background to black on landscape

    # 0.27 nervegas Controller fix to allow button, then directional pad hold

    # 0.28 nervegas Added save SRAM support (to save SRAM for games like Zelda)

    # 0.29 nervegas Added auto-save state and “Saved Games” selection

    # 0.30 nervegas Fixed SaveState for many games, +Mapper1 +Mapper5. This fixed Tetris, Bubble Bobble, Super Mario 2, others…

    # 0.31 nervegas Fixed SaveState for Mapper4 games (Earth Bound Zero, etc)





    Those that have a pevious version of the iPhone NES emulator should really consider downloading v0.31 in order to benefit from the new important features that were introduced.



    Direct Download:

    - iPhone NES Emulator v0.31 (155KB) by stepwhite and nervegas

    - Readme

    - Changelog




  3. Systems that run software or games they weren't originally meant to be played on means it needs live conversion, so you are playing it, while it is synthesizing the music(if it does), playing sounds, developing graphics, taking your inputs, running the code according to the events within the game and your input, while converting a Live feed of binary data :o


    That is my thought but I may be off somewhere

  4. Nintendo are being idiots because they don't notice that some people only buy their DS for homebrew, and making code against it just seems mentally insane because it truely IS not worth their time, they don't make more money that way!

  5. I just want to know if Dualis can run MoonShell, because I just wish to make a bunch of themes, and test the settings that comes along with them.


    It crashes for me.. it doesn't pause or just sit there, but literally crashes, my Visual Studio Debug thing pops up whenever an application crashes, and this crashed.



  6. yeah id help out with that service :(


    Well did you wash your hands before opening it? You might have given something a static shock and fried it :/

    I do not think I did wash my hands.

    Which I didn't either with my SP but it works perfectly and I touched the main parts of the board(it was disposable if broke anyway) I didn't on my DS(touch the circuits or direct connections)

    Hopefully, if something was fried it was just a simple resistor that can be replaced.


    (forgot his name, has the red cyborg as Avatar) will fix it for free for me, I just have to pay for shipping, I just need to get the right packaging supplies.

  7. You may have knocked a resistor or something, check to make sure everything is still soldered okay, check to see if the cabling is torn, any tiny little significant thing.


    I've never opened a DS (and if i still had mine i would have opened it up just to help you out here) so i'm not too sure on how the insides are all hooked together.

    everything is as seems from the pictures I took of before(printed out) I am sure I didn't knock anything off, because I only touched the screws and edges to take it out of the shell. Remember this is a different model and the models after that(about 4-6 months after launch) doesn't have this dumb design of wires(I have noticed from other DS's) I think they replaced the model because of tests shown of the parts crumbling in the DS, so they changed it, but I got the old model.

  8. You fried something ;o

    I don't see how, when I did the same with my SP and it works better(Junk in the R button)


    I even handled the DS with more care and concern when opening it. It seems as though the power just isn't going to the screens. You can buy replacement screens, from some places(online) but I would like a quide on replacing the screen(just to see if I did something wrong)

  9. to put it simple I wanted to paint my DS golden, so I took it apart and disassembled it, and put it in a static resistant bag, like what you would get a graphics card in. Then, after the spray paint dried, I rebuilt it as it was, But just some information first, I did the top first as a test, to see if it would work, The top screen didn't work afterwards, but the bottom on did, but the boot up test automatically stopped it and shut back down. The bottom screen turned white, and the speakers clicked(like always).


    Now, both screens do not turn on, but do click.(after I painted the bottom) It has to be a connection or something.

    here is some pictures, Sorry if blurry, my camera was dying and it isn't good at close up pics, but there is one good one.












    I took out the flat batch cords so you could see that the brown thing that keeps in the batch cord (4 ends) has crumbled away, however, my electric tape works on it and it doesn't come out there.





    Could anybody help me diagnose the problem? :P

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