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  1. I gave a ton of lego's to one of my dad's friend's (who was also my friend) to give to their little kids


    I got a Targus iR keyboard, which works

    1 gig of DDR Ram for my PC

    (dunno why they sent it) a Disk cleaner machine from my grandparents

    a $25 best buy gift card

    a $15 barns and noble gift card


    And that's it.


    although most of my time used since about 27 hours ago (other than 5 hours of sleeping) was used on programming a bot I'm making for a ninja RPG website just so I can, which is actually working quite well, I am at the moment working on getting it to be "silent" instead of having to pop up whenever it needed to click on stuff(rarely), but it is much more convenient than keeping it up the entire time.


    EDIT: so pretty much a nerdy coder's Christmas lol.

  2. that is actually quite interesting, thanks for sharing this :)


    I think that I might actually try this out. I'm also going to see if the remotes work with out the sensor bar and with 2 candles :P


    I don't get candy for Christmas in my stocking anymore so I'm going to see If I can get some inferred LED's to mess around with, as I already have some bread board supplies

  3. instead of going thru a ton of crap and ending up with wasting your time, get the guy to buy you a new drive..


    No I am not an MS fan, its sad how many recalls and problems are happening with their products, and how they are forcing Vista(in my idea worse than Win NT 4.0) on almost every commercial computer sold, including the laptop my mother bought half a year ago, and doesn't want me to reformat it and stick XP SP2 on it.

  4. lol,

    "-Stiffing Euro users with missing BC hardware"

    boy, they have made a really big mistake there.

    There is a point of efficiency here of using china parts and the price

    you aren't going to make more money by using cheaper parts if you are selling for a very high price that no one will accept.

    It took sony like (I don't really remember) about 4 years to cut the PSP's price down(which was kinda retarded since its value should have dropped)

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