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  1. truthfully, I don't see the purpose of why he did that..

    I remember when he joined and he was complaining a bit(I forget why) but.. still.. he did go over the edge..


    lol and FYI my younger sister plays video games more than I do, I'm not much a gamer any more, so it shouldn't be limited or put down because of gender

  2. well on the emulator you use the mouse to click on the touch screen(acting like if you poked the real DS' screen)

    so I think it would be a good idea, it would need a basic point of reference and a blutooth adapter, the point of reference being a source of iR light, which could be a candle

    It would be kinda interesting, you might want to have it so it only counts the direction when you have the B trigger pressed or something

  3. I haven't noticed ANY DLDI problems


    about the action replay:

    It already contains an action replay built into it(for the roms you may have on it)

    you can take the save off your real games and with a conversion have it for use on the device

    so the action replay is completely useless unless you still want to use the real physical NDS cards, I just run all my games on my R4 so I never have to worry about loosing a game or taking any with me, since they are ALL on my R4

    I actually sold mine to my friend after I got my R4.

  4. well the R4 gets firmware updates, but the only thing I saw that seemed new(not counting of which was to come) was:

    SlowMotion mode


    other than that, the R4 has everything else, and is also more recommended as CycloDS is more of a 3rd party device than the others.


    The R4 works just fine for me, you can make your own cheat database and so forth.

  5. LSD is a video game released in Japan in 1998 for the Sony PlayStation video game console and is one of three products (the others being a music CD and a book) based on a diary of dreams that a staff member at Asmik Ace Entertainment had been keeping for a decade. -from google



    lol, well, I'm not sure what LSD is made of, but it must be quite hard on the body since it is a Class A drug(not sure if that is high or low).


    good luck.

  6. 2 screens isn't that hard to get used too, but wide screen is always better(since we have 2 eyes(obviously) and they are horizontally aligned), the DS is vertical so..


    yah, and GBA works just fine on the PSP, I just wish it could act like the cords over WiFi..

  7. well all I can say is that is kinda interesting/funny. I would be amused at first, but If I was the parents, I would be VERY angry since $600 is more than I've seen in my life other than at a bank field trip in 7th grade. (I'm 15 now)


    also my dad when he gave his little brother an atari game, he once put it inside of a bird cage full of newspaper and then wrapped it up.

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