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    I think it's a secret that nobody seems to want to tell.
  2. Did you ever find out how to work it?
  3. Yes I have. I ran through all of that setting the values as it says and so on. I get to a screen on my ds where I can turn the light on and off but that's about it. If I press a direction a number value changes but it stays on that value no matter if I press another direction. EDIT - I have been connecting manually as it doesn't seem to connect with using my wfc data won't work. Do you think that this could be a problem? EDIT - This is very frustrating really. There seems to be no tutorials for it on the web. It is as though you have to have lots of knowledge about a lot of stuff to use this. EDIT - I'm still stuck if anybody wants to help me?
  4. Thanks but I can't find anything to tell me what to do. I need a guide for idiots or something. My ds is connected to my wireless . I have ds2key open. Now what? I have seen people say things like change your ip address so they are the same but I do not know how to do this. I don't know anything technical. I have done all the ppjoy stuff. I have got ds2key version 7 it does not come with an nds file just the ds2key file, two config files and a text file. Is this right? I'm sorry to be a pain about this but I have final fantasy VII and need a pad to play it with.
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    Please help me

    Hello. I need help with the ds2key. I tried the first version and I couldn't get the .bat file to stay open. I tried version .05 but that wouldn't connect to my wi-fi. Version 0.6 will connect to wi-fi but on the ppjoy website I try to download the vitual game pad thing but it says I have no access to it when trying to install it. What do I do with this now? I haven't a clue what I am doing at all. I need to use this and it is irritating me so much. Please take pity on a noob and tell me where I am going wrong.
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