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  1. When I bother to drink then depending on mood either





    6.2% though it seems this one has died now, guess it means I gotta find a new smoother than Duvel for when I'm not in the mood for it drink, shame really as it means it joins the 66cl bottles of


    5% I aint drinking it from cans, the metal changes the taste. Other than that the usual suspects Stella, Carlsberg Export etc.. do the job very nicely, harder stuff Scotch, as long as its 8 years old or more it's usually a good un, Bourbon if I run out of real Whisky, if I run out of that Vodka

  2. Godzilla Final Wars, no matter how many times I see the american one get its arse kicked I always laugh, the aliens comment of 'no good tuna eating monster' helps as well :D before that Rampage which shocked me by being a Boll film that doesn't suck donkey pole, surely a sign of the end of days

  3. Heh I wrote that on the fly, what bugs me with women is that you always have to trigger this high status switch and once you get one the others come to you twice as easy.

    Sometimes a girl asks me if i can drive, to keep her pulling i dont say "No" I say "Im banned" then laugh.

    She says what for? I say "running over old people."

    Well they do rack up points pretty well :D


    Hawq looks have nothing to do with it its just how good you feel inside.

    This I can promise you, work on your self to make your self happy and the reactions from women are 50 times better.

    a moot point if the therapy dont work, hermits have better social lives :(
  4. Young pretty girls: Mostly egotistical - bitchy - and I would say in some cases evil. (Infact a lot of the time)

    very rare you get a young sweetheart now.


    Older women - 25 to 30 - Normally pretty good , have some standards, will however be more attracted to a stable guy with finances. (at this age picking the right guy for babies is important)


    30-35 Milf land. or any milf for that matter, women settle quickly after having a kid and are a lot more head strong in their partners they choose, you will get good standards from them.


    Adventure women - These gals like to get out there, try drugs, go to partys, sleep with the leader of the pack and have fun. Absolute useless ego smashers as girlfriend material. If its shiny, or shiner they follow it.

    Then blame you for been a boring twat. Normaly ends up with some normal guy that pays the bills and mows the lawn, but will always itch for the shiny lights.


    Miss desperate - Dont be tricked by her exterior - these chicks are normally pretty desperate a bit "emo" if you will.

    Will be hard work in the future. AKA debbie downer.


    Little miss pay my way: Worst of the worst! She constantly expects money and bigger better things, extremely self centred and very hard to communicate with (AKA manipulative) These chick are usually very pretty, they want to be treated like baby's by her sugar daddy. Princess syndrome for the rest of her life = lonely sad existence, pump another 600 bucks in to her to cheer her up for a week.


    The emotionally malnutritioned chick: I was molseted when i was young, I caught my boyfriend cheating, i had no father figure blah blah blah blah - Cheer up or shut up! Will poison any soul you have.


    The "I like mean guys but dont know why chick" : These chicks hang round with guys who are tough, like to state they are tough and will kick your ass. They dont last long - she is constantly overwhelmed by the danger buzz from these guys which substitutes attraction. But attraction fades and so she goes back to square one and ends up with another "He didnt mean to hit me!!!" guy. Idiots.


    Im extremely intelligent: These are ok - but the down side is they they think they are smarter than you, all the time.

    At a party her know how for metabolic rates wont help. How dare you try to have sex with me!?


    I like em loud and big: Zzzzzz. Yeah my steroids are in the post ill come back in a few weeks. If I can fit my head in the car after its got swole from hitting the weights.

    What I get from reading that is the sense it's time to become a monk, apart from the damaged one those descriptions leave nothing for the likes of me, if they have standards? then thats pretty much game over for a fugly geezer like me :D (if I dont laugh at myself I'll fall apart)
  5. you can buy the buffalo rifle after you finish the 5th hunting challenge. (kill 2 cougars with a knife)


    Thanks for that - those wolfs were hard as fuck! who would go up to a pack of wolves and just start balding them lol

    How the hell do you run up to a cougar and fuck it up it with a blade they are harder than wolves.

    maybe you can knife em while on your horse so you can survive an extra pounce? worked for the bear hunting in mp
    Im just doing the "boars, beavers, and something else, i cant find any beavers.
    you are going to the wrong bars (someone had to make the gag)


    In mp hunting related stuff is it just me or are those legendary animals really easy to find & kill, the only thing that goes up is the number of shots to kill em, they dont even get more aggressive really, did the first couple last night & thought 'OK one more then I'll turn in' before I knew it they were all dead :D

  6. mine turned up on release day, gotta love a pre-order that does that, LE version for around 35 quid suited me very nicely, yet to start the single player as I just spent some time (turned out to be rather over an hour taking me till past 3am) in the free roam multiplayer mode, cleared out a fort though as I was doing so someone rode up & shot at me though plugging him did get me the Red Dead Rockstar achievement, amusing glitch killed me in the fort as well, took cover behind a wall to shoot at the last 2 or 3 guys in the back of the fort & for some reason shot up into the sky about 2 or 3 times higher than the fort was, naturally on landing I died, needless to say I didn't try to use that bit of wall for cover again :P Then ran off into the wilderness to hunt & got raped by cougars (why can't this happen in real life? ;) )took a few respawns to escape form the one that chased me down after killing the first, solo hunting in cougar land is not a good idea :)

  7. watched Monsters vs Aliens last night, so many geeky gags in that one, many in the opening few minutes, is it wrong giant chick got hotter when her hair turned white? why are you all backing away? come back! ah here's a nice man in a white coat to help explain it to me, wait what? no get off help! they're taking me away

  8. I had depression for about 8 years a lot of people still see it as "something you can snap out of" bull poop!!!

    Its nearly been two months for my meds and they are working but im pretty sure i need my dose upping, its shit waiting for them getting in my system id just sleep all the time.


    well im getting closer now to levelling out :D

    may be bad waiting but at least they do something for you, I always found em to be as effective as eating mints, less even as with the mints I'd have had minty fresh breath (lousy being immune to the things that are meant to help) still therapy on the way so maybe they'll find the trouble & sort it, after about half a life in this state gonna be tough
  9. just ignore her if she tries to start anything, freaky coinkidink I share a similar dilemma though about a school reunion in my case, though details differ as I barely remember most of the people involved, get along pretty well online with 1 thats going (if only she were still single & lowered her standards ;) ), ok(ish) with another, neutral with most & one fu**ed me over badly last year so if I go along I'll be using my advice of ignore her I think (while drinking to overcome social problems of course

  10. Challenged myself to try talking to people at my local anime club meeting the other week & sort of succeeded leading to the lovely anecdote of loudly saying 'raccoon balls' to a couple of girls there (pom poko was being discussed at the time so it wasn't as odd as it sounds).

    Next challenge a school reunion I may go to at end of month, I may fail this one & even if I do go I may crash & burn in a spectacular fashion if I can't get hammered fast enough to deal with it if it all goes tits up (nothing like optimism eh? & that was nothing like it)

  11. DS Makaron pretty obvious but there's probably many that'll believe it, offline the Sun's (yeah I know I don't buy it & just bother with it for Haggar) blindingly obvious so therefore some dumb people will fall for it 'lick to taste' page (probably more scattered throughout it but I mainly remember Haggar after going through it
  12. good god enough people hit to to make it die, how desperate are these peo.. uh on second thoughts no need to answer, we can guess ;)

    Horny gamers crash 'console prostitutes' site


    A site which services sex-starved gamers with the opportunity of playing online against attractive females for cash has... erm... 'gone down'. Sorry.


    GameCrush.com is basically an escort service that offers gaming fun instead of sexy times.


    For $6.95 an hour, players choose one of the many scantily-clad ladies on Gamecrush's books - and then proceed to take her down on a title of their choice. Halo, Gears Of War, GTA - they're all there.


    And... well, that's it really. No dirty talk, no 'happy endings'. Just sore thumbs.


    You'd think gamers would be a bit above some cheap exploitation like this, right? That it's degrading, yeah?


    You'd be wrong. The site's Open Beta has been abandoned due to massive demand. It's homepage currently reads:


    'The GameCrush Public Beta is temporarily unavailable due to the incredible user response (more than 10,000 inquiries in five minutes). We are adding new servers to provide players with the best PlayDate experience possible. Games with GameCrush PlayDates start at $6.60 for ten minutes.


    Lord, help us. CVG crowd, feel free to throw in some sex-related game puns below to get us through these dark times.


    Or just express your despair.

  13. you could try playing against ai to tide you over until you get a beta key, not sure if links to the needed bits would be ok here or not but google 'lazy loader' & 'starcraft 2 ai' its not exactly what you seek but may provide a sc2 fix until you find it

  14. 2. If you take in a 'new' game (for instance heavy rain) you wont get much on trade in THEN they will place the game back on the shelf at FULL PRICE. (with a 'pre owned' sticker on it)


    No bargains here can you even imagine the ignorance of the business tycoons monopolizing this strategy?

    Even better than that is when they do that & then on a nearby shelf have a new copy of the game for a lower price, I've seen that a good few times, always makes me chuckle a bit then walk out the store
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