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  1. I once had a dream where I figured out I was dreaming half way through, then started doing things that aren't possible in real life in an effort to prove to the people in the dream that they were in fact in a dream. I don't remember the details coz it was years ago, but I think one of the things I did was rip someone's eyeball out, and they were completely unaffected, then I said something like, 'If this isn't a dream, how could I do that?'

    that wasnt a dream, you were in the matrix

  2. Actually as long as the zip is called cheat.zip & is full of xml files it should be kept zipped, perhaps its inside the cheats.zip, anyway the cheat.zip should be kept as it is in the Mame dir, there's tons of xml files with the cheats inside it & Mame reads them from .zip. If the cheats.zip has all the xml files in just rename it to take the s off the end & it should be fine.

  3. Mame's updated and brings with it a new set of tools to compile the current version & subsequent ones of course, grab em at http://mamedev.org/ as usual, just the compiler & sdl integration info


    IMPORTANT NOTE: As of this release of MAME, several important things

    about the system have changed. Please read the following items before

    attempting to compile this new version.


    1. A new tool chain for Windows, based off of gcc 4.4.3 prerelease,

    is now REQUIRED. Go to http://mamedev.org/tools to get the new tools.

    The updated included with 0.136u1 WILL NOT BUILD with the old tools.

    The new tool chain has support for building 64-bit MAME builds with

    gcc, as well as built-in DirectX headers, and C++ support, which was

    missing from the old tools.


    2. Non-Unicode builds of Windows MAME are no longer supported. The

    options to turn this off in the makefile have been removed, and

    future changes are likely to solidify this requirement. If you are

    still (God forbid) running on Win9x, you will need the unicows.dll

    library to run MAME. Download unicows from Microsoft.


    3. All code in MAME is now compiled as C++, plus there have been a few

    small changes that take advantage of the C++ language. For the most

    part, there is no effect on how drivers are written, except for some

    nicer accessors to devices and address spaces. Future improvements to

    take advantage of the C++ syntax will evolve slowly, and will be done

    internally. We are not interest in outside attempts to do this work

    for now.


    4. The SDL OSD for MAME is now shipped as part of the main source

    package. SDL builds for Windows are now regularly built as part of the

    validation sequence for a new release. Thanks to R. Belmont,

    couriersud, and Olivier Galibert for their work on the SDL port over

    the years.

  4. I assume for the Snes ones you are referring to the clear plastic that fit on the bottom of the carts? (if so only the US ones had that) if however you meant the plastic bag that they came in (in the UK at least) then most if not all the N64 games came in them. If you meant something more along the lines of the Nes ones though I'm not sure, I think I may have seen something along those lines ages ago but can't remember any details.

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