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  1. Tekken, as a film about a fighting tournament & evil corporation? not too bad I guess, as a film based on the games? terrible about the only thing the same is some names & a couple of relationships. Basically if you watch it forget every bit of story you've picked up from the games over the years as it will clash with the story here.

  2. From what I've read, don't waste your money on that XBLA Castlevania game.
    My experience trying the trial version backs this up, the concept sounded good but it just seems a little off, maybe in mp mode it's better but the trial only gives you solo & that feels rubbish, of course thats just my opinion mileage may vary
  3. Tried to watch Evangelion 1.11 to see how bad the English dub is this time round, failed as once more Manga's authoring process is a big fail causing stuttering playback for me, doesn't happen with other companies releases, strangely after making a copy of it the copy seems fine after a quick test (if copying it so I can actually watch it doesn't fall under 'fair use' nothing does) in stuff watching without those problems:

    Amagami SS

    Asobi ni Iku Yo


    Occult Acadamy

    Seitokai Yakuindomo


    Legend of the Legendary Heroes (most redundant title ever?)

    Digimon Xros Wars

    Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (draggin my heels a bit here got 8 to go to finish it off)

  4. reminds me of getting 2 teeth pulled years ago, bloody anaesthetic only kicked in when I was halfway home, didn't stop the dentist from going ahead & yanking them out anyway though :( you'd think the agonised sounds coming from me would have been a clue (these days have a different dentist) unsurprisingly when I had to have one taken out the other year I opted to go to the hospital where they have better drugs that put me totally out of it for the procedure, one needle prick in the arm & I wake up missing a tooth feeling no pain :)

  5. final fight(arcade perfect port and lets you play 2 players unlike the snes version)
    It's also far superior to the Amiga version which felt like a very early alpha that got released by mistake or rushing, pretty sure it was a rush job to get it out so we got that mess, having checked my X68000 set I have the SF2 one but not Strider, could you give me the link please?
  6. Started Highschool of the Dead at the weekend, gotta love some zombie action though it seems even atx are censoring it with ep2, not the jiggling boobs & panty shots though oh no, in Japan those are fine but a drill to a zombies head? that's too much. After the uncensored ep1 they have started early with the 'make us want the dvd/bd release' plan, atx are a premium channel as well so a long wait for proper uncut stuff is coming, though it already liscensed in the US so maybe not that long

  7. today saw some mp GTA IV with some guys from blueguerilla, amazingly I didn't roll over much (a huge achievement in GTA for me with the handling issues it has compared to most games) & didn't come last in most of the races. Then came some more Crackdown 2, 2'nd freak lair down & more farming freaks with a car in the quarry for driving skill, good stuff

  8. Killers, a slow start but then gets going for great shooty fun, oddest moment for me though was realising that a clip shown when one of the stars was on ross's chat show a few weeks back was from

    only a few minutes before the end of the damn film! seriously it was about 2 minutes at most from the credits rolling

    (hidden in case you saw that clip but aint seen the film yet) wtf? if you're gonna pick a clip don't pick one from there for gods sake

  9. Is it to do with that war we had?
    I think they mean that civil war (to the americans reading this it was technically a kind of civil war fought overseas for us as you were part of us at the time) that wound up with the verdict of 'well this is rather annoying let's call it a day' who could have foreseen that many years later the world would have to put up with Bush, had it gone differently the world may have been spared his 'leadership' though we would have missed many laughs such as the pretzel incident I guess
  10. Just finished

    B Gata H Kei - predictable enough end, hopefully it'll do well & they'll make another season

    Mayoi Neko Overrun - an odd one to watch due to the choice of different directors for each episode but it worked fairly well

    Angel Beats - enjoyable, some very predictable end bits, the end did throw one slightly unexpected bit in though which was nice


    To finish up soon

    Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Maō - 4 to go & its done



    Heroman - well what can you say? its from Stan Lee so you know what sort of thing you can expect I guess

  11. Yup, not tried it out yet though, did use the glitch it introduced into mp though which gave free xp, no npc would spawn so any hideout you went to it thought you'd cleared due to no enemies, rinse & repeat as much as wanted, though I only bothered to jump a few levels rather than go for the full 50 as many no doubt did, gonna be a lot more legendary ranks out there now. The glitch is fixed now so it's back to 15-20 minutes or so on hideouts rather than appear, get xp after a second or two (depending on hideout) hammer left to replay & repeat, but then you do get more for killing all the enemy so it works out.

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