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  1. considerin a new phone myself, gettin close to time for retiring the old n-gage probably & the ability to use an mp3 ringtone would be nice, if only the budget android phones weren't still around 100 quid my poor unemployed arse could get one easily, ah well festive time approaches maybe have money then

  2. [PREDATORS!!!!

    Fucking awesome shit where do I start?


    It had everything, thats how you live up to a licence right there, the sound track brought back memories of the original.


    A prisoner SHANKS a predator!!!!!!!

    A great film indeed, hopefully more companies that are reviving old films can do similar, as for the soundtrack while watching it with my mate last Saturday we came to the conclusion that for the soundtrack they'd just sent someone to the shops for the Predator soundtrack CD, we seriously couldn't tell any real difference for the majority if not all of the film, good thing the Predator soundtrack was good.


    Oh yeah more on topic:

    Monkey Magic, a pretty good fun film, now I just have to get hold of the 2006 Journey to the West which it follows to see more of this new Monkey, well that & the scene where he meets the old Monkey (seen it on youtube looks nice)

  3. Hyakka Ryoran Samurai Girls. It's made of lol and win.
    Has that one started yet? saw a leak of episode one a bit back and never made note of when its actually airing



    Recently/just finished:

    Occult Acadamy, good stuff though I accidentaly skipped ep 12 doh! also most awesome spoon ever!

    Heroman, fun series as expected from Stan

    Seitokai Yakuindomo, pretty decent fun

    Asobi ni Ikuyo!, if you like alien catgirls you'll like this, also gotta love the assist-a-roid's especially Manami's one when it goes on the attack



    Legend of the Legendary Heroes, good stuff though the split between Ryners adventures & the kings stuff does break things up a little at times

    Nurarihyon no Mago, another good one

    Shiki, vampires, not bad, bit slow maybe


    Not still on air but ongoing as in to finish soon/when I get the time:

    Mitsudomoe, great fun kinda feel sorry for the teacher sometimes

    Highschool of the Dead, just the last one to go then I start getting & awaiting all the uncensored ones

  4. You must be early in the story those zombies become a pain in the ass, nothing a lightsaber cant handle but still a pain in the ass nonetheless lol
    Ninja suit, they don't notice me till I bump into em & then they cant grab me, was dissapointed with the lightsaber it breaks way to fast without a mag to extend its life & I aint got one of them mags yet
  5. 070 is out as well, hit the same day

    * configuration file is now called bsnes-qt.cfg; the first run of this release will start with a clean state

    * MSU1 now supports audio looping via new PCM file format

    * disabled state load/save menu due to a serious bug in Qt 4.6.0 for Windows

    * RawInput: all keyboards merged to KB0, it should no longer be required to reconfigure the keyboard out-of-the-box

    * RawInput: fixed a bug where Xbox 360 controller states were being overwritten by DirectInput controllers

    * RawInput: fixed a device sorting bug caused by moving ruby to Unicode

    * Direct3D: fixed a pixel shader bug caused by moving ruby to Unicode

    * Linux port: fixed sudo make install target

    * Linux port: default to gcc/g++ instead of gcc-4.5/g++-4.5 for one last release

    * updated to mightymo's 2010-09-20 cheat pack

  6. Sounds like crying babies was the least of your problems. You could have played with them... that'd shut em up.
    Teething = Unstoppable cutting cry of pain.
    Fun times those ones, give em something to bite on & it helps a fair bit, never quite grasped the mechanics of hurting gums soothed by biting things which would add more pressure to it but if it works I don't argue with it. Fortunately my niece has a couple of teeth through now & seems a lot happier now those have come through so happy times till more start appearing, just much chasing after her as she explores the house
  7. The secret to being good at pool is to get just nicely drunk, that way your brain doesnt talk you out of trying shots & instinct takes over & more balls go down, tip too far over the drunk edge though & your game goes straight down the pan (by this point though both players are normally so pissed it becomes very funny to play & screw it up)

  8. if anyones interested in it

    * AWAVE: many fix for controls, rail-shooters playable

    * AWAVE: xtrmhunt romset typo

    * CHD: reading problems fix

    * CHD: updated to 138u4 version

    * CORE: ROMs overreading protection

    * CORE: SB_SFRES "softreset" emulation (imperfectfor dynarec)

    * CORE: arcade roms loading by CRC only, now can load renamed/old/custom romsets with the same files

    * CORE: command line support, run selected game/system, list supported games, generate xml dat file (clrmame) for supported romsets with parent/clones info

    * CORE: dynarec instruction fix

    * CORE: emulation reset fix

    * CORE: enable SSE compilator optimization

    * CORE: full unicode support

    * CORE: interpreter memory translation optimization, MMU speedup

    * CORE: invalidation optimized, "Triggerheart Exelica", etc. speedup

    * CORE: logging and default output path fixed

    * CORE: macw, macl opcodes fix

    * CORE: round mode fix

    * CORE: savestates fix

    * CORE: savestates for VMU

    * CORE: timers bugfixes

    * CORE: various crashes fix

    * CORE: various maple fixes

    * CORE: various romset fixes

    * CORE: internal time with windows time auto synchronization

    * GDI: offset support (may be glitchy)

    * GDI: sector cache (test only)

    * GDI: various bugfixes

    * GPU: "Transform Z" options added (w-buffer to z-buffer transform enable), enabled by default (need restart for ogl if changed)

    * GPU: VRAM overreading protection

    * GPU: correct vertex intensity alpha

    * GPU: correct vertex intensity color clamping

    * GPU: ogl disable SSE compilator optimisation due to VC10 compiler bug

    * GPU: dx correct window size change

    * GPU: render and framebuffer fixes (still imperfect)

    * GPU: fullscreen frequency fix

    * GPU: polygons blending fix

    * GPU: sprites fix

    * GPU: stride untwiddled texture fix

    * GPU: yuv textures in vq mode supported ("Head Hunter" fix)

    * GUI: "15Khz/31Khz" modes selection, "31Khz" default option

    * GUI: "LLE MIE"/"HLE MIE" selection option, if "LLE MIE" is unavailable (no "NAOBD.BIN"), "HLE MIE" mode enabled automatically

    * GUI: "Time Hack" option, automatic Dreamcast flash time record correction for current time

    * GUI: GameBrowser "load decrypted" fix

    * GUI: GameBrowser forvard/backward sorting for game year, romset name, full name, developer/publisher and game system

    * GUI: GameBrowser keyboard input handling fix

    * GUI: GameBrowser gridlines workaround for WinXP

    * GUI: PAL/NTSC mode selection

    * GUI: custom savestate keys definitions

    * GUI: full game name/title display on windows title

    * GUI: mahjong controller setup

    * GUI: more video cable mode selection

    * NAOMI: MAME Naomi CHD-files supported (but not listed in dat), need CHD plugin in plugins directory

    * NAOMI: BIOS auto selection

    * NAOMI: board malfunction for A-C rev. BIOSes fix

    * NAOMI: cart encryption for direct and buffered protection modes supported, most encryption keys added

    * NAOMI: cart encryption key automatic detection for NO_KEY games (if any), may take a couple of minutes for complete process

    * NAOMI: default system configuration added if no nvram files found, auto selection cabinet orientation and player number for games depending on it

    * NAOMI: coin fix

    * NAOMI: gunsur2 encryption key added, playable with sound

    * NAOMI: club cart protection data

    * NAOMI: doa2 crash fix

    * NAOMI: ggx crash fix

    * NAOMI: hmgeo SHA1 fix

    * NAOMI: wldrider crash fix

    * NAOMI: initdv2j DES key added, doesn't boot anyway

    * NAOMI: full HLE MIE (315-6146 Maple-JVS bridge MCU) support

    * NAOMI: full LLE MIE (315-6146 Maple-JVS bridge MCU) support, "NAOBD.BIN" file with MCU fake firmware needed

    * NAOMI: JVS interface and IO board(s) emulation

    * NAOMI: automatic analog controls mapping

    * NAOMI: VMS and Dreamcast gamepads handling for arcade games (if supported)

    * NAOMI: keyboard support, select "Keyboard" for "port B" and/or "port C" in "Plugins" configuration dialog

    * NAOMI: dybbnao, dygolf, alpilot, sstrkfgt, gunsur2, samba, crzytaxi, zombrvn, wldrider controls support

    * NAOMI: mahjong panel support

    * NAOMI: nvram load/save fix

    * NAOMI: proper 15/31Khz DIP switch handling

    * NAOMI: romset updated with MAME 139u2 ROMs

    * NET: added netplay support for DC, NAOMI1/2, ATOMISWAVE, only NULL plugin provided (see thrid party plugins)

    * PAD: various bugs fix

    * PAD: first time configuration crash fix

    * PAD: support for xbox360 gamepad (without analogs)

    * SPU: ARM7 core fixes

    * SPU: better synchronization

    * SPU: close fix, thread close fix

    * SPU: lp reset fix

    * VMU: beeper emulated

    Removed from the Assembly, as requiring additional spuOAL refinement and 64-bit version.

    Additionally enclosed NetPlay plugin to play with a friend over the network via Kaillera from Edgbla. On the use of, and more, bagreportam to apply directly to the author.

  9. Finally finished FMA Brotherhood, good stuff & the ending shows where the planned film is probably gonna go, of course it also spoils the film in some ways, if you've seen the last episode you'll know what I mean

    that picture of a happy family shows us no matter what 'mortal' peril the Elrics may be in they're gonna survive it unless the makers choose to ignore the picture of Ed & Winry with their kids & uncle Al in the background



    Other stuff:

    I tried the English 1.11 dub, its not the worst dub I've ever heard but I aint gonna be in a rush to use it again thats fer sure, the problems running the disc didn't help had to copy it as Manga once again messed something up when authoring the disc so nothing I have can play it, oddly once I made a copy of the disc the copy was perfectly OK (if anything falls under 'fair use' for making a copy this does as its the only way I could watch the damn thing)


    Following directly on from that the R3 2.22 release & my god the subtitles are small on it, I thought Funimations subs on Negima were tiny, these seem even smaller, still they at least let me know what was going on despite one or two grammar errors, shame they weren't visible during any bits with characters speaking English though as while Mari is easily understandable Kaji speaking English made my ears bleed, really wish they'd made more of an effort with that bit, apart from that though a damn fine film that's left me wondering just what the hell they're gonna have in 3.0 & 4.0 now given the way 2.22 ends

  10. Zone of the Dead, low budget zombie fare from some yugoslavians or romanians or somewhere in that area, best part of the film is the nutter who was locked up & cared for by nuns who gets loose, declares the zombie infestation as the end of days & goes round with a van full of weapons killing zombies while quoting bible verses, sadly the main story isn't about him or it would be a far better film, instead its about some cops escorting a prisoner through it who end up having to work with him to survive. The religious nut with guns woulda been a far better main story, especially as he turns up near the end & tells the main characters to 'help yourselves, I have plenty of weapons for everyone' a sadly missed opportunity I feel

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