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  1. I have a problem when i try compilate FBAxxx Pro. When i launch the option "build solution" under Visual Studio.net, he returned to me the following error message: "error PRJ0019: a tool returned an error code from performing custom build step". and the compilation stopped... PS: i think my configuration is ok because i can compile Bendermameox on the same PC. Edit: sorry for my horrible english...
  2. try overclock the CPU in the "in game menu", it will be faster. I have one question: i don't have the original Metal Slug, and i want to know if FBA-xxx Pro runs the Metal Slug at the same speed as the original games (sorry for my horrible english guys).
  3. So you're right Robert, there's only 754 drivers in driver section, i bumped it to 755. The positive point is i had no compilation errors, i obtained my default.xbe and Mameox.xbe, but the 3 Tatsumi games are invisible on my Xbox... Edit: ok i think it's to difficult to do this and i've not the level . I give up!
  4. Thanks Robert for this quick answer. I forgot say that in the XbesectionUtil there's this line: #define NUM_DRIVERSECTIONS 754 So i can't understand why there is 754 driver sections, because the last driver have number"851", and a bit of drivers have the same number Have a nice day
  5. Hello everybody, At first time i have to say i am french, so i'll do my best to speak properly Here is my problem: i started 1 month ago to compile Bendermameox: first i added some clones and neogeo games successfully, all works well. However, i tried to add Tatsumi games( Round up 5, Apache 3 and Cycle warriors) but there's something i don't understand: in XbesectionUtil.cpp, all the mame driver have a number. The last number is for Crystal system( 851 ), so i take the number "852" for the Tatsumi games. in my file Tatsumi.c i added this on top of the file: #pragma code_seg("C852") #pragma data_seg("D852") #pragma bss_seg("B852") #pragma const_seg("K852") #pragma comment(linker, "/merge:D852=852") #pragma comment(linker, "/merge:C852=852") #pragma comment(linker, "/merge:B852=852") #pragma comment(linker, "/merge:K852=852") and at the end of the file: #pragma code_seg() #pragma data_seg() #pragma bss_seg() #pragma const_seg() but the problem is each time i edit XbesectionUtil.cpp by added this line: REGISTER_DRIVERSECTION( "tatsumi.c", "852" ), i have an error at the end of compilation which is: "too many initializers in XbesectionUtil.cpp." Well, somebody could explain to me how add a driver section in XbesectionUtil, because i can't understand how it works. I hope you will give me an answer and have a nice day.
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